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Aquaclean: A Cleaner, Greener Fabric

Our wide selection of Aquaclean fabrics can be cleaned with just water alone — making life just a little bit easier, and keeping your upholstered furniture like new for years to come.

What is Aquaclean?

Aquaclean is an advanced fabric protector that helps to remove the majority of household stains with just water alone, no matter how long the stain has been on the fabric — eliminating the need for costly upholstery-cleaning services or harsh chemicals.

Using the latest advancements in textile engineering, this revolutionary fabric treatment coats every fiber with an impermeable molecular layer, protecting your upholstered furniture from spills and stains. With Aquaclean, even tough stains like wine, ink, sauce, grease, blood, and chocolate can be easily removed with a simple, gentle wash with water.

Aquaclean can be specified for all of our upholstered Clei wall bed sofas and headboards in a wide variety of colors, styles, and textures.

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100% Non-Toxic & PFC-Free

Unlike other fabric treatments, which use harmful chemical repellents known as PFCs, Aquaclean is 100% non-toxic and PFC-free.

PFCs are chemicals from the family of per-fluorocarbons, which have been used in the textile industry for years because they are efficient at repelling water, oils, and grease.

But the production and disposal of PFCs present serious hazards to both the environment and the human body. As these chemicals cannot biodegrade, they can persist in the environment for very long periods and bio-accumulate in the bodies of humans and animals, where they can remain for years and lead to a variety of health issues.

Aquaclean is an advanced nanotechnology that is engineered into the fiber of the fabric itself, eliminating the need for harmful PFC-based stain repellents. Additionally, all Aquaclean fabrics have been certified with the Made in Green by OEKO-TEX® registered trademark, which guarantees the absence of any harmful substances in the fabrics and ensures that their manufacturing processes respect the environment.

How to Remove Stains with Aquaclean

1. Remove any excess residue on the upholstery.

2. Apply water over the stain, either directly or using a damp cloth. Wait a few seconds.

3. Press down over the stain with a damp cloth and rub gently over the fabric in circular movements. If the stain does not come off completely, repeat the process as required.