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Choosing the Right Wall Bed for You – Resource Furniture

If you’re looking to add extra sleeping space to your home you might want to consider a wall bed.

The Multifunctional Wall Bed

If you’re looking to add extra sleeping space to your home, regardless of whether you live in a 400 square foot apartment or a spacious suburban house, you might want to consider a wall bed. Wall beds offer an aesthetically pleasing and functional design option that can work almost anywhere, transforming a spare room — or even a living area or dining room — into a multifunctional area that makes the most of your available space.

Wall Bed with Desk or Dining Table Options

For work-at-home types, a wall bed system that doubles as a home office is a solid, space-saving investment. Ulisse Desk features a 62.5” desk that transforms into a queen size bed for nighttime use. Expertly designed, the desk remains level as it pivots downward to store underneath the bed with no need to remove objects from its surface.

If you need more workspace and less bed, consider the Cabrio, an 88” desk that transforms into a horizontally-opening twin bed. As with the Ulisse Desk, there’s never a need to clear items from the surface before opening the bed; Cabrio’s desk lifts up and over the top to the unit, storing it overhead until you’re ready to return to work.

If you’d rather be entertaining friends than toiling at your desk, a wall bed with dining table option is a smart choice. The Ulisse Dining wall bed adds a dining table to your room without sacrificing a single square foot of space. Host up to four guests with a plentiful spread on a table measuring 31” wide and 53” inches when extended. When the night is over and the guests have gone home, your master bedroom is one fold away.

The Penelope 2 Dining is a sophisticated, space-saving Murphy bed with integrated dining tables that can seat up to four people. When it’s time to sleep, simply lift the table up to secure it before folding down the unit to reveal a queen-size bed. Penelope 2 Book Dining offers additional built-in bookshelves to provide storage or display when in bed mode.