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Dining Room Table That Expands

Transition a quick breakfast for two into a dinner feast for your friends with our collection of expanding dining room tables. At Resource Furniture, we offer a wide selection of multifunctional, space-saving furniture options that make life more versatile and comfortable. Together, we work with you to customize a furniture solution that perfectly fits your home’s unique style and space requirements. Shop our modern dining table collection online or experience our transforming tables in person at one of our showrooms. 

What Is an Extendable Dining Table?

When space is at a premium, flexible furniture lets your space adapt to your needs and not the other way around — even when you have visitors. An extendable dining room table is one of the most space-saving pieces you can have in your home. It works like a standard table but features an extra section, like a drop-in or stow leaf, to fit more people as needed. The convertible function of this furniture enables you to increase the table's length with ease.

A dining room table that extends can work wonders for small apartments or individuals who prefer a transforming table's functionality and flexibility over traditional tables. Today's market features an extensive selection of extendable dining tables in all shapes, sizes, and styles to cater to your unique space. 

What Are the Benefits of an Extendable Dining Room Table?

From accommodating extra dinner guests to saving space, extendable dining tables bring more benefits than you can imagine. Invest in a premium extendable table and enjoy these unique perks:

  • Space-saving capabilities: If you have limited space at home, you'll surely benefit from a dining table that extends. Most people only host large dinner parties on holidays or special occasions  during the remainder of the year, when the table leaves are not in use, this furniture is often more compact to fit into smaller spaces and open up your floor plan. Our extendable dining tables are designed to pair perfectly with our other space-saving furniture solutions, like our small-footprint dining chairs and multifunctional wall beds.
  • Functionality: Extendable tables offer a whole new meaning to versatile seating arrangements. You can extend the length to accommodate extra guests or expand your work surface accordingly. Our Goliath table, for instance, expands from a slim 17” console table to a 116” banquet table through the use of its patented telescopic mechanism, so you can add anywhere from one to five leaves as needed. 
  • Flexibility: If you love entertaining or hosting family get-togethers, you can't go wrong with an extendable dining table. Having a flexible table means you're prepared for every occasion, whether it's a casual lunch, a candlelit dinner, or a holiday feast. 
  • Portability: Beyond this piece's space-saving capability, its compact size also means you can move it around your space with ease. Move the table out to the patio for a summer barbeque, or bring it inside again for more intimate gatherings. Many of our transforming tables even feature hidden castor wheels, so relocating your table is never a hassle. 
  • Style and design options: Choose from various styles and find the table that best suits your needs. From round or oval-shaped to square or rectangular, and from marble or mortar finishes to wood veneer and even custom RAL, we offer extendable dining tables to fit any vision or aesthetic. Browse through our formal table designs and select from dozens of sophisticated styles and finishes to elevate your space. Whatever you have in mind, there's something to fit your unique lifestyle. 
  • Durability: Quality tables last for years or even generations. Just like all our flexible furniture, we take pride in crafting high-quality extendable dining tables you can use for a long time, from one occasion to another. 

Types of Expandable Dining Tables

Expandable dining tables are ingenious solutions for limited spaces. While their primary function is to maximize potential dining space, there are many styles available to accommodate different needs and tastes. Learn the main types of extendable dining tables and their unique features:

  • Traditional or drop-in: As its name suggests, this type of table requires you to slide the table ends apart and drop in an extension leaf. If the design allows you to drop in multiple leaves, like our Goliath table, this gives the table even more flexibility to cater to more people. Unlike other traditional extension tables, the leaves of our Goliath table are lightweight enough for one person to effortlessly extend the table on their own.
  • Drop leaf: The leaves of a drop leaf table are already attached to the sides or ends. To expand the table, simply lift the leaves from underneath the tabletop and lock them into position. Drop leaf tables are very easy to use, even with one person. Our Amalong Extension Table is a stylish example of a drop leaf table, featuring two integrated hidden leaves on either end that fold out from underneath its base. When fully expanded, the Amalong can comfortably seat up to 12.  
  • Butterfly leaf: This extending table design mimics a butterfly's form, with hinged leaves acting as butterfly wings. Its leaves are stored in a hidden compartment beneath the tabletop, making them self-storing. To extend the table, slide the ends apart similar to traditional tables. Lift the hidden leaves and unfold the “butterfly wings” to fill the gap. Our Soleil table features self-storing butterfly leaves that unfold to expand the table up to 65” long.
  • Stow leaf: Just like butterfly leaf tables, the leaves of the stow leaf table are stored beneath the tabletop but in a more visible manner. You can slide the leaves out from underneath the tabletop through the table's gliding mechanism, then lift and lock them into place.

Maintenance of Expandable Dining Tables

Owning an expanding dining room table requires extra care, especially for the leaves. Some care tips for this type of table include:

  • Storing key components within the same humidity level: Keep detached leaves in the same room as your table or in a section of the house with the same temperature and humidity level. Make sure not to store them inside the basement or attic to prevent wood swelling due to differences in humidity.
  • Positioning the table away from direct heating or cooling systems: This is a crucial step for ensuring the furniture's longevity. Placing the table in the right location also helps limit size fluctuations of the wood to ensure the same fit even after many years.
  • Cleaning the table regularly: Use a clean microfiber towel or lint-free cloth to remove dust and other debris from the table surface. If there are spills, check and clean the surface and table extension as soon as possible. 
  • Shying away from harsh chemicals: Avoid harsh cleaning solutions when cleaning the tables and leaves. You can simply dampen a cloth or towel with water to clean the table.
  • Following the proper leaf setup procedure: Expandable dining tables vary from one style to another. Get acquainted with your table’s unique extension mechanism to avoid damage. 
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of all components: Dust off and lubricate the table's metal components and mechanisms to keep them running smoothly for a long time. You can use a mild lubricating spray or oil to help the metal parts glide without fail.

Find Expandable Dining Room Tables at Resource Furniture Today

Our expandable dining room tables add versatility to your space. Every piece of furniture in this collection comes with a premium expandable mechanism that makes your table smaller or bigger to fit any occasion. Each table can entertain just enough people for a cozy gathering or an entire group for bigger parties. 

Browse our expandable dining room tables today to find the most suitable design for your home aesthetic and space constraints. You can also visit one of our showrooms to shop in person and get assistance from one of our experts in no time.