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Getting Your Small Space Ready for the Holidays

Whether you’re hosting a large holiday dinner, a festive cocktail party or a casual brunch, the key to getting the most out of your space this season is with a flexible mindset.

Rearrange (and get creative!)

Use these tips to get inspired for this year’s festivities and to plan ahead for next year:

Rearrange your furniture to limit crowding and ensure there’s enough space to make you and your guests comfortable. The double-sided Flex Sofa is an ideal way to achieve maximum quality time with friends and family. A sofa with a wide, sturdy structure and movable backrests is perfect for perching on from all angles. Have fun decorating your space for the holidays, but make sure there is enough room on counters, shelves, and side tables for your company to place plates of food and drinks. Think of unique solutions to maximize your space by having items serve double-duty on the day of your gathering. Try clearing off a shelf on a bookcase to create a temporary bar or snack station.

What to do with all those coats?

Make sure you think ahead and plan for where your guests can keep their coats and bags – the last thing you’ll need in your small space is clutter! Short on closet space? Keep winter coats and bags out of the way by hanging them along a wall with a Piano – a much more organized alternative to piling coats on someone’s bed.

Making mealtime easy

Consider using a transforming table that can be extended to full size at mealtime to seat everyone while they eat, but can be tucked away or used for a different purpose when not in use. The Goliath console can serve as small bar area or snack table throughout the night, but come mealtime it can seat up to ten hungry guests.

If you can forgo the formalities of a sit-down meal, putting out a number of small plates around the room or having guests grab food buffet-style from the kitchen is a fun and social alternative to crowding around a table elbow-to-elbow. “Pot lucks and lounging around informally make for the best memories,” says Jacqueline Schmidt, Director of Design at Ollie. “Easy set up and clean up and more time to spend together, which is what matters the most!”

Accommodating overnight guests

The holidays are a great time for gathering with family and friends, but sometimes those short-term guests can turn into long-term ones. Anticipate both your expected and unexpected guests by having a plan in place. A sofa wall bed system such as the Swing will not only provide you with an extra sleeping spot, but also features extra storage and can be folded up to provide space and everyday seating so that your home doesn’t feel too crowded.