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How to Make Your Kid's Bedroom Last – Resource Furniture

How to Make Your Kid's Bedroom Last Through the Ages

Kids grow fast! And their likes, interests and needs evolve with them. For this reason, designing a timeless small kids bedroom that lasts through their toddler and tween years and that they appreciate as teens and young adults is a labor of love. It's no easy feat, but it's achievable with some intentionality and valuable tips to guide your design process.

This guide offers tips to help you create a fun and functional space that reflects your child's personality without clashing with the overall design of your home or requiring you to update or renovate it every few years.

Use a Neutral Paint Color Palette as a Foundation

The walls form an integral part of the entire design and determine how the rest of the room comes together. While your young one may be begging to have their room painted in their favorite bright pink or navy blue with huge murals on the wall, that's not the way to go. They'll likely change their mind a few months or years later, and you'll have to repaint.

The best way to approach picking the best paint color for your kid's room is to involve them, and then tone their choice so it's cohesive with your home's aesthetic. Involving them, even to a small degree, ensures they love and appreciate their room for the long term.

At the same time, you need to consider the psychological effect of colors on their mood and energy. Steer clear of overstimulating colors like bright red, yellow and orange that may affect their sleep negatively. Muted color tones create a calming space and blend well with many decor items.

Choosing neutral colors for the walls and brighter colors for accessories that are easier to change, like bedding and wall decor, can help a room grow with a child.

Here are some more colorful palettes to consider for kids' small bedrooms:

  • White: Shades of white, off-white and cream tend to open up a room while adding some warmth and creating a perfect background to layer colorful decor items.
  • Pale pink: A subtle shade of pink can bring a little color while complementing neutral decor and adding an extra layer of calm and relaxation.
  • Pale blue: It's reminiscent of happy days endowed with blue skies and ocean waters. Blue can make the room feel airy and create a soothing environment.
  • Light greens: Shades of greens such as moss and sage promote emotional and physical well-being while giving the room a modern and refreshing look.

Choose Timeless and Versatile Furniture

The key to choosing furniture for kid's rooms is picking items they won't easily outgrow. Consider the size, design, functionality and longevity of every piece you invest in. Get them beds, storage units, nightstands and desks made of high-quality materials that'll stand the test of time and accommodate their growing bodies and things for years.

Choose Timeless and Versatile Furniture

Classic designs and neutral colors like beige, brown, white and soft greys are safe options they won't fall out of love with as soon as they move up a grade. With a smaller space, look into versatile furniture pieces, like beds with storage. These allow multi-functionality in the room and ensure kids have enough space to store their growing stash of items in the long run. They're also a better option than scaling down on the size of their furniture only to have them outgrow these and require new pieces a few years later.

Maximize Floor Space

When children are young, they need space in their room to play and roll on the floor. As they grow, they need their room to be a haven where they can relax, do homework and hang out with their friends. When creating a long-lasting kids' room, you should be able to make the most of the space they have to accommodate their evolving needs.

Multifunctional furniture comes in handy to ensure larger pieces, like beds, dressers and desks, do not use all the space. Murphy bunk beds are an excellent solution when kid's rooms are small and come in many styles to align seamlessly with traditional, contemporary and modern home designs. Trundle beds are ideal if you already have sufficient storage space and are looking to add an extra bed that can be used during sleepovers without crowding the room.

Conversely, wall beds with tables or desks transform into cozy beds at night and allow other uses during the day when the bed is tucked into the wall to expose extra storage and a desk during the day. These ensure your kid has as much space to use as they want during the day.

Accessorize With Adaptable Decor

The idea behind long-lasting kids' bedroom designs is not to make the rooms as mature as possible, just practical. So, you can still reflect your child's personality in the room with fun decor pieces. With muted walls and classic furniture designs, you can incorporate bright colors with accessories such as wall art, rugs, pillows and bedding.

Going for affordable decor and accent pieces makes it easier to change them as your kid's interests and preferences evolve. It's also a good idea to choose affordable and kid-friendly fabrics like polyester and nylon for the rugs. These materials are generally forgiving to accidental spills and stains and easy to maintain.

When your child is still young, create spaces where they can be messy to allow them to express themselves. Also, employ a level of functional design by designating easily accessible storage, such as open cubicles where they can store and display their toys, books and art supplies.

Create Long-Lasting Kids Rooms With Multifunctional Furniture

When designing your kid's functional and multiuse bedroom, Resource Furniture is a reliable partner that provides you with transforming furnishings that integrate into small spaces effortlessly. We have a selection of handcrafted and sustainably sourced Murphy beds and storage solutions your kids can use from their formative years till they leave the nest. These premium-quality furnishings also allow you to reimagine the use of the bedrooms into multipurpose rooms later.

Browse our selection of transforming Murphy beds online, or schedule an appointment at one of our showrooms to view our furnishings online!

Create Long-Lasting Kids Rooms With Multifunctional Furniture