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Much Ado About Modular Furniture

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” -William Morris

Great Design, Countless Configurations

When space comes at a premium (here’s looking at you, urbanites) investing in a high-quality storage is an absolute must. Small-space dwellers need storage systems tough enough to withstand constant and rigorous use, but they also need to be attractive — after all, when you are living 700 square feet or less, there’s no room for flimsy shelves or unsightly plastic containers.

Enter the world of modular storage. These design-your-own systems allow you to mix and match various storage elements — bookshelves, drawers, cubbies, closets, and more — to create a custom configuration that perfectly suits your unique space needs. Unlike traditional built-ins, modular storage units can be disassembled and reassembled as needed to accompany you through moves, making them ideal for renters.

Storage Tailored to You

Modular storage systems from Resource Furniture can be custom-configured to store virtually anything; they are also beautiful design elements in and of themselves.

One stunning example comes from the home of our Upper Manhattan client who needed to squeeze more space and functionality out of her living room. She needed a catchall spot to hide everyday clutter, but also wanted a more elegant solution for mounting her TV and stowing away wires, cable boxes, and other electronics.

In addition, her new storage system needed to accommodate a Stainless-Steel Widescreen indoor fireplace from Hearth Cabinet, a Brooklyn-based manufacturer of high-end ventless fireplaces.

Resource combined pieces from its collection of modular open shelving, cabinets, and drawers with custom cut-outs to create an all-in-one storage system, entertainment center, and compact home office. Finished in a gentle taupe matte lacquer with contrasting walnut shelves, the result serves as an architectural centerpiece of the home.

The Home Office modular fold-out desk offers our client a generous work surface as well as an interior shelf and storage in its base cabinets for hiding away paperwork and office supplies. The unit’s upper shelving features ample space for exhibiting decorative items; a few sliding doors, show here in white mirrored glass, conceal anything that does not need to be on display: books, games, glassware.

The fireplace is finished with a blue-gray Caesarstone top, also supplied by Hearth Cabinet, to achieve a seamless, built-in look. (We worked directly with Hearth to ensure that the system would lay perfectly flush against the fireplace.) The TV is mounted directly above the fireplace, perfectly situated for cozy movie nights. A cut-out placed to the right of the fireplace provides a convenient nook for stowing the cable box and modem; below, two drawers keep remote controls and other miscellaneous AV equipment neatly out of sight.