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Functional Furniture & Design Tips for Small Apartment

must have furniture for a studio apartment

An open-concept floor plan is a standard layout for many apartments. It increases the functionality of a space by leaving it open so two rooms can merge, such as the kitchen, dining room and living room. Open-concept floor plans help homes and small and studio apartments appear more spacious and inviting. However, without walls, you must get creative to make the different areas in your home distinguishable.

It's simple to make your rooms distinct and increase the functionality of your space with the right decor and furniture. Many people choose to use decor to help break up the different rooms. Then, they use functional and transformative furniture for added flexibility and efficiency. Check out these decor and must-have furniture items for a studio apartment or small space.


When you're turning your house into a home, you need decor. It creates a cozy atmosphere and brightens up a room. Here are some of the best decor items for any home: 

  • Area rugs: When two of your rooms share an open space, you may want to divide it into sections. Area rugs are an excellent way to section a room. You can choose different colors or patterns to define each section.
  • Natural light: Utilizing natural light increases your happiness, energizes you, improves your mood and makes a room appear open and airy. Opt for light, breezy curtains and position your furniture in a way that doesn't block the windows.
  • Mirrors: Place mirrors around your room to reflect natural light or a scenic view. It can make your room seem more inviting and spacious.
  • Accents: Adding color to your home can enhance its warmth and add texture. Choosing lighter colors to decorate with creates a cheerful ambiance and can make your room seem more open and spacious. You can use decorative throw pillows, wall accents and blankets to showcase your style and personality and liven up your home. Decor can also divide your rooms. For instance, you can use different themes to separate each section.
  • Books: Disorganized books can give the appearance of clutter. To prevent a cluttered look, consider decorating with them. You can leave a neat stack of magazines on your coffee table or display your books on a bookshelf or wall shelf.
  • Plants: Houseplants increase oxygen and create a peaceful, relaxing environment. Putting plants on windowsills can brighten your room and help you maximize your space. 


multipurpose and functional furniture

Multipurpose and Functional Furniture

One of the most popular furniture ideas for small apartments involves using multipurpose pieces. Multipurpose furniture helps you maximize the efficiency of your space. Some examples include:

Built-In Cabinets and Shelves

With built-in cabinets and shelves, you can organize your loose items. Additionally, they take up less space than freestanding ones.

Room Dividers

You can use Shelving Unit Room Dividers to store your items, decorate your space and separate your rooms. As a bonus, your home will look more elegant and modern.


A coffee table is a living room's centerpiece. However, an ottoman can replace a coffee table as the centerpiece. It offers additional storage and seating for your living room.

Wall Bed With a Bookcase

Similar to built-in cabinets and shelves, furniture with storage helps you use your space more efficiently. For instance, you can opt for a wall bed with a bookcase for your sleeping area. During the day, your bed folds into the wall and gives you more space. 

Wall Beds With Sofas

The bedroom and living room are often combined in studio apartments. You may not want your bed in plain sight, or you may wonder about the best way to fit a sofa and a bed into your living room. Many people with studio apartments choose wall beds with sofas to enjoy the best of both worlds. These furniture pieces let you switch between a bed and a sofa, which saves space and increases your room's flexibility. In the morning, after a good night of rest, you can tuck your bed into the wall and bring out the sofa. 

Wall Beds With Tables and Desks

Beds with sofas are a classic furniture idea for studio apartments, but a bed with a table or desk is modern and sleek. Today, many people work from home, making desks an essential piece of furniture. However, squeezing a desk into an apartment where there's already limited space is tricky. When you need to make room for a dedicated workspace, wall beds with tables or desks are an excellent choice.

Wall Bunk Beds

Traditional wall beds have one bed, leaving many to wonder where their guests will sleep. One solution to the conundrum is wall bunk beds. You can add extra functionality to the space by choosing wall bunk beds with a desk or sofa.

Sofas and Sectionals

While wall beds are a well-known type of multipurpose furniture, other options exist. Multipurpose sofas and sectionals can include built-in tables, eliminating the need for end tables.

Extending Tables

Some coffee tables or desks can convert into dining tables. You can use your table as a coffee table or desk for your daily needs and extend it when you host a small or large dining party. Their versatility makes them a great choice for small apartments, especially if you use your dining table infrequently. 

Folding and Extending Chairs

For those special occasions, it's important to have extra seating for guests, but day-to-day, you only need enough seating to accommodate you and anyone who lives with you. Folding chairs, like Pocket, are more efficient and comfortable. You can bring them out when you have guests and store them when you don't.


make the most of your space with resource furniture

Make the Most of Your Space With Resource Furniture

Every home has a finite amount of space. One way to maximize your space is to be inventive about how you use it. Using all your space can help you organize your belongings. 

The best way to maximize your space is with multipurpose furniture. Multipurpose furniture gives you the flexibility to combine your rooms into one area and can offer additional storage. With multipurpose furniture, you can use your space wisely so you can fit everything you want in your studio apartment. 

Resource Furniture has modernized the transformative furniture industry. With over 20 years of experience, we specialize in sustainable, high-quality furniture solutions. Our furniture solves common problems such as limited space and lack of furniture functionality and storage. Schedule an appointment at one of our showrooms today to view our collection of beautiful Italian wall beds, transforming tables, storage systems and seating options. We'll help you find the perfect piece for your space.