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NEXTAdventure Home

Downsizing. It is an idealistic word for anyone that has more space than they need.

Downsizing for Empty Nesters

Downsizing means less cleaning and maintenance costs, access to more culturally rich areas and a shrinking carbon footprint. What is one demographic that has been at the forefront of downsizing? Empty nesters.

Visualizing how to actually taking the step to make this change is not easy for everyone, however. Some people have reservations: Where will kids and grandkids stay when they visit? Where can I have my own space to escape to? What about the home office?

Taylor Morrison and Hanley Wood teamed up to create the NEXTadventure Home in Orlando, Florida. They set out to answer those questions and ease those doubts. The home features a flex room with transforming furniture. The Giro desk swings out to provide a work surface. The Nuovoliola wall bed provides a sofa during the day and a bed at night. The space also uses plenty of shelving to stay organized.

space saving wall bed in nextadventure home

Architect Deryl Patterson of Housing Design Matters was behind the NEXTadventure Home and wrote about her design process for Builder Magazine. Interior Design by Lita Dirks & Co.