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How Transforming Furniture Can Elevate Luxury Living

Stylish, contemporary, and furnished with 217 multifunctional sofa wall beds, NMS La Jolla is Resource Furniture's latest Contract Project. Standing tall on Wilshire Boulevard with breathtaking views of Miracle Mile, it offers a glimpse into the future of luxury co-living.
We sat down with Tolga Guny, the Director of Architecture & Branding for NMS La Jolla, to delve into the transformative aspects of this new mixed-use/co-living residential building by NMS Properties in Beverly Hills. From its design goals to the selection of transforming Italian furnishings, Tolga shared the inspiration and vision that brought this project to life.

The Epitome of Luxury Living

NMS La Jolla, nestled in the heart of Beverly Hills near Miracle Mile, is a high-rise co-living community boasting 397 units of pure, sustainable luxury. The mixed-use project recently reached its completion in May 2023, resulting in approximately 95,000 square feet of residential space and 6,000 square feet of retail space. 
Photography: AVABLU, @avablu_photography 
One of the most remarkable features of NMS La Jolla is its meticulously designed furnished units. Of 397 units, 217 have been furnished with Resource Furniture's multifunctional sofa wall beds, maximizing available living space and elevating the residential experience to new heights. The bathrooms and entryways boast high-end finishes and materials, creating an opulent ambience throughout the space. But that's not all—with panoramic views, generously sized kitchens, in-unit laundry machines, patios, and smart TVs with Wi-Fi, it's no wonder units at La Jolla are in such high demand. 

The Choice for Quality and Functionality

Photography: AVABLU, @avablu_photography
When asked about the decision to collaborate with Resource Furniture, Tolga Guny emphasized the brand's commitment to quality and durability. "The reason we work with Resource Furniture is because the product does not deteriorate,” he said. “The mechanisms do not deteriorate, and the same goes for the upholstery as well. You don’t need to replace the product because, user error aside, there are no defects. The last thing you want is for a tenant to sit on a piece of furniture and have it fall apart, especially so with transforming furniture. But in the 5 years I’ve been working with the company, I’ve never had to go back to Resource Furniture because of a product defect. The quality is top-notch."
Resource Furniture's transforming wall beds allowed Tolga and his team to seamlessly create flexible, turn-key units without compromising on elegance and comfort. The selection included a mix of Penelope Sofa wall beds, which easily transform from a queen-size bed into a two-seat sofa, and Penelope Board wall beds, cleverly converting from a queen-size bed into a five-foot long desk with one swift motion.

Design Goals and Aesthetics

The driving goal behind NMS La Jolla's design was to establish a high-end, turn-key co-living building with amenities and a location that could rival any luxury hotel. The result is a stylish, refined, and contemporary atmosphere that appeals to a wide variety of tenants.  
An example of a unit utilizing the 'Day Concept' color scheme | Photography: AVABLU, @avablu_photography
An example of a unit utilizing the 'Night Concept' color scheme | Photography: AVABLU, @avablu_photography 
The units feature two distinct color schemes: the "Day" concept, characterized by white oak, beige tiles, and mint green Resource Furniture sofa wall beds, and the "Night" concept, which incorporates navy blue, black marble, and gray sofa wall beds. Both concepts exude a sense of sophistication, enabling residents to embrace a personalized living experience.

Amenities and Eco-Conscious Design

NMS La Jolla offers a plethora of hotel-style amenities, including a pool with cabanas and lounge seating, a hot tub, a BBQ area, a club room with a kitchenette, a state-of-the-art gym, and concierge services. Weekly housekeeping is included in the rent, and each unit comes fully equipped with essential items like in-unit washers and dryers, pots, plates, and paper towels, providing unparalleled convenience.
Photography: AVABLU, @avablu_photography
Photography: AVABLU, @avablu_photography
Notably, the project embraces eco-conscious practices, with no plastic used in the building's construction. Instead, real marble, ceramic, and metal adorn the flooring, fixtures, and exterior materials, reducing its environmental impact.

A Vision of Luxurious Co-Living

NMS La Jolla is more than just a mixed-use/residential building; it represents a vision of luxurious co-living with unrivaled amenities and a location that speaks of prestige. The use of Resource Furniture's transforming pieces exemplifies the commitment to both quality and functionality, providing residents with an elevated and comfortable living experience.
Photography: AVABLU, @avablu_photography 
For multifamily real estate developers seeking inspiration for their next project and design enthusiasts envisioning contemporary living at its finest, NMS La Jolla serves as an exemplary model of luxury co-living.