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Info for Clients

Your order is now in production - it's time to prepare the space!

Note that certain information listed here may or may not apply to your specific order. If you are unsure, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Sales & Design Consultant.

Here’s everything you can expect when expecting your new transforming furniture:

Prepping your Space Ahead of Installation Day

Every project is different. If you have any work planned before your wall bed is installed, such as refinishing floors, painting, or electrical work, you will likely need professional help.

If you do, it’s never too early to seek bids and select the right professional for your job. We can provide your contractor with assembly instructions, and our Project Management Team is always available to provide whatever support your contractor may need throughout the process.

If you are purchasing a wall bed, built-in storage system, or any other furniture items that require assembly, you may need to prep your space ahead of your installation. Generally, there are four main areas of consideration:

1. Floors: 

If you are purchasing a wall bed or storage system, the unit will need to be installed on finished, reasonably level floors.

This means that if you plan on refinishing the floors in the space where your furniture will be installed, you should plan to do so while your order is still in production. This will give you plenty of time to prep and finish your floors before your installation day.

2. Baseboards: 

Generally, there will always be a small gap between your furniture and your wall to account for baseboards. If you want your furniture to be installed flush against the wall, you will need to remove any existing baseboards ahead of time. Your Sales & Design Consultant will have discussed this with you during your initial design consultation, and they will have provided you with recommended baseboard placements to achieve that flush, built-in look.

If you are located outside of our service radius and will be sourcing your own contractor, you should also discuss any baseboard alterations with your contractor ahead of time.

3. Electrical: 

Make sure that any electrical outletslight switchesthermostatsvents or access panels will not be covered by your new furniture. By now, your design consultant will have created electrical elevations to determine the optimal placement for electrical fixtures so that this is not an issue.

If there is no way to avoid this, now is the time to decide whether you will be moving your electrical fixtures, covering them, or removing them entirely. If you will be making any changes, this is also a good time to source a licensed electrician and start the process. Your electrician will ensure that all local building codes are followed.

Note: If you are purchasing one or more Wand Lights for your wall bed system, be aware that each Wand Light requires its own dedicated outlet.

Three of our wall beds have special instructions regarding the placement of area rugs directly in front of the wall bed. They are:

• Oslo Sofa / Sectional: Area rugs must be placed underneath the sofa seat wheels.

• Tango Sofa / Sectional: Area rugs must be placed underneath the sofa seat wheels, and ideally, it should be installed at the same time that the Tango is installed.

• LGM: This model cannot be installed on carpets or area rugs, as the LGM’s rotating mechanism requires a hard floor surface to operate correctly and safely. If using an area rug, the rug should be placed a minimum of 18’’ from the edge of the LGM.

Please contact your Sales & Design Consultant if you have concerns about carpet or area rug placement.

As you have discussed with your Sales & Design Consultant, you need to confirm the wall material and construction (drywall, plaster, concrete, etc.) to determine whether our installation team will need to install any blocking in your walls.

If you are located outside of our service areas and will be sourcing your own contractor, it is especially important to discuss your wall material with your design consultant ahead of time to ensure that your contractor uses the correct wall fasteners for your situation.

Note that certain wall bed models almost always require blocking in the wall to ensure the safest installation. These models are:

Ulisse Desk / Dining / Sofa

Kali Duo / Kali Duo Board

Penelope Plain / Board / Dining


Altea Plain / Board / Work

Telemaco Work

It's Install Day! What Do I Need to Know?

By now, you have already determined your delivery path — now, double-check to make sure the pathway is completely clear! Also make sure that the room where your new furniture is being installed is cleared of any existing furniture and décor, as well.

Remember, we are here to help! If you have any questions or need assistance before or during the installation, please do not hesitate to contact your Project Manager.

There will be a lot of boxes delivered to you! This is because all of our furniture components are shipped flat-packed. We know it may look as though the furniture won’t fit, but we promise it will all come together beautifully once the installation is complete!

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