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Live Modal | Modal 01

About this Plan

Modal is a modular construction company that designs, builds, and delivers prefab accessory dwelling units to those seeking a turn-key experience for their ADU needs. Modal’s ADUs are sustainable, adaptable, and modern. The uniquely-designed spaces serve to benefit your future — as an extra source of income or flexible space for any of life's needs. Modal’s products embody the organization’s biggest goal: to provide a solution to the nation's affordable housing crisis. The provision of standardized plans like these is one step — of many — towards achieving this goal.

Furniture placements by Resource Furniture.

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In the Living Room: Oslo Sofa

For the main living area, we recommend a queen wall bed with integrated sofa, which will allow this space to seamlessly transition from living room to guest bedroom in seconds.

The Oslo Sofa is available in multiple arm widths and features a hidden storage compartment under the sofa seat, making it an ideal choice for compact ADUs.

In the Home Office: Circe Board

Create your ideal office space right in your own backyard. Our Circe Board is a queen wall bed with a 7-foot desk on its front panel, providing a generous work surface for your home office or study.

When company calls, the Circe Board opens horizontally to reveal a queen bed. The desk is designed to stay level with the floor at all times, so there is no need to clear items from the surface when it's time for bed.