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Our Wall Bed Products

Clei wall beds are made to order according to your specifications and can be customized with a variety of upholstery and other options. Explore our inventory of:

Queen size wall beds: Think living in a studio apartment means you can’t have a queen bed? Think again! Clei queen size wall beds are among our most popular products for urban dwellers. Doubling as a sofa, desk, shelving unit or other furniture, Clei wall beds save space during the day while folding down for nighttime use.

Twin size wall beds: Clei twin size wall beds offer all the style and sophistication of their larger counterparts, while allowing for a wider range of potential applications. Turn your home office into a guest bedroom or make your child’s room a more functional space — Clei twin wall beds are versatile products that make apartment living smarter and more comfortable.

Transforming bunk beds: Double your sleeping space with a transforming bunk bed system by Clei. Perfect for growing families who want to maintain their urban lifestyle, Clei transforming bunk beds fold up into convenient storage or seating space when not in use.

Lead times for made-to-order furniture are between 12 and 16 weeks. We also have an extensive inventory of quick-ship wall beds in stock and ready for delivery throughout North America. Choose from queen, twin and bunk beds in a variety of fabrics and finishes. All quick-ship products are backed by the same warranty coverage as our made-to-order wall beds.



How many times have you wished you had another bedroom? Or dreamt of adding your own home office? What about making more space to entertain? While wall beds may traditionally be seen as geared towards city dwellers with small spaces, these multipurpose pieces can transform your living space, regardless of how big it is or where it’s located.

Whether you have a studio apartment in the city or own a home in the suburbs, wall beds offer an aesthetically pleasing and functional design option that allows you to get more out of your living space. Wall beds are also known as Murphy beds, after William Murphy, the man who came up with the hideaway bed design in the early 1900s. While Murphy may have lived in a small apartment in San Francisco, his design is a solution for living spaces of all shapes and sizes.

The Many Types of Wall Beds

Wall beds have come a long way since the original Murphy bed. Instead of simply offering a wall bed that saved space by folding up and into the wall, many other options allow you to transform your space in ways that suit your unique needs.

Wall beds allow for more open space | Resource Furniture

Why We Love Wall Beds

There are several benefits to having a wall bed. Our favorites are:


Regardless of your living situation, the opportunity for more space is hard to ignore. Perhaps you’ve wanted home office space, a guest room for when family and friends visit, or more storage solutions. Wall beds enable you to add space without losing any. Wall beds allow you to transform space into what you need, when you need it.

If you work from home, the room can be a dedicated office space. When hosting guests overnight, your wall bed seamlessly transforms the space into a guest bedroom. Or, if you require a family room to entertain, you can install a wall bed that doubles as a sofa. This allows you to utilize your living space for entertaining, in addition to welcoming overnight guests.

Wall beds can make working from home easier | Murphy Beds | Resource Furniture


Wall beds benefit spaces of all shapes and sizes! Have you or someone you know found an apartment in the perfect section of your city, which falls within your budget, but thought there was no way to live in such a tiny space? Hideaway beds and transforming furniture make it possible.

Studio apartments can feel cramped and with a limited amount of space to make use of. Furniture can crowd the apartment and hosting guest can become a challenge, that is, if your space can accommodate guests at all. Wall beds offer the flexibility to have a comfortable bed to sleep on every night, plus the option to flip it up into the wall during the day to use the space for whatever you choose.

Many models of wall beds will match your specific needs. Some fold up into the wall and have a desk built in, while others reveal a sofa. Regardless of what you need to use your space for, wall beds give tiny apartments the potential to flourish as efficient spaces.

Eases Downsizing

If you’ve decided to downsize or take a minimalist approach to life, wall beds can help maintain the same level of functionality you’ve come to enjoy. Downsizing could mean sacrificing a home office, guest bedroom or both — it may also mean less living space for entertaining. However, you may still want to have room for family or friends to visit you.

Wall beds can help you maintain the same functionality you had in your old home, but with more flexibility. While the physical space may be smaller, you’ll still have room for everything you need and everyone to be accommodated.

wall beds help maintain your lifestyle while downsizing

Allows You to Live Better with Less

Doing more with less is a wonderful way to live, and hideaway beds make it more comfortable. Whether your goal is to save money on rent, mortgage or commuting, wall beds allow you to do all three. With less space to account for, you can theoretically save on your rent or mortgage, or on furniture and décor. Depending on the type of wall bed you install, you’re not just getting two furnishings in one, but transforming one room into two.

Smaller spaces inspire more efficient living — not only financially, but also when it comes to our belongings and overall carbon footprint.

More Open Space

Open floor plans are often sought after. Whether you have one room or several in your home, having an open concept can be the goal for many. Because wall beds fold into the wall, you immediately have more space in the middle of the room when you aren’t using the bed. For those who are looking for a solution for overnight guests, many consider a sofa bed. A wall bed allows you to have a place for visitors to sleep, in addition to space to entertain during the day.

add more space to a room with a wall bed


Why Clei Wall Beds?

At Resource Furniture, developing meaningful partnerships with innovative manufacturers has been a key priority from the very beginning. We’ve chosen to work with Clei, the innovative Italian manufacturer of wall beds, not only for the quality of their products, but also for their commitment to sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices.

All Clei wall beds are crafted in Europe by artisans who are duly compensated for their furniture-making expertise. Clei bed frames are made from FSC-CoC certified and CARB (2) compliant materials, and their use of water-based lacquer finishes minimizes the overall environmental impact.

Best of all, Clei wall beds are backed by a lifetime warranty covering all mechanisms for residential use. For more details, continue browsing or contact a Resource Furniture Design Expert by phone or email.

Our Clei wall beds feature:

Wall Beds by Resource Furniture

At Resource Furniture, we have several models of wall beds to meet your needs, which also integrate seamlessly with our modular closet and shelving systems. Our most popular wall beds include:

Lead times for made-to-order furniture are between 12 and 16 weeks. Additionally, We have an extensive inventory of quick-ship wall beds in stock and ready for delivery throughout North America. Choose from queen, twin and bunk beds in a variety of fabrics and finishes. All quick-ship products are backed by the same warranty coverage as our made-to-order wall beds.

Once you find a design you like, contact us to request a quote. Or book an appointment to view items in person! We have showrooms across North America. Find a location near you and book an appointment with one of our Design Experts today.