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Brad Pitt Surprises Friend with Wall Bed on Celebrity I.O.U

Resource Furniture on Celebrity I.O.U.

Resource has furnished multi-functional homes for all variety of clientele — though even we have to admit that we were dazzled at the prospect of working with Property Brothers to furnish a custom ADU on behalf of Brad Pitt.

Yes, in what is possibly one of the greatest collaborations to ever grace our television screens, HGTV’s Jonathan and Drew Scott have teamed up with Brad Pitt — the Brad Pitt — in the premiere episode of the Property Brothers latest spinoff, Celebrity I.O.U.

The new HGTV series features star-studded cameos from the likes of Melissa McCarthy, Viola Davis, Rebel Wilson, and other A-listers who team up with television’s most beloved duo to thank their loved ones with a special home renovation.

In the debut episode, Jonathan and Drew help Brad transform an underutilized, freestanding garage into a backyard accessory unit for his makeup artist and dear friend of over 30 years, Jean Ann Black (Brad’s “secret weapon” as she was once described by GQ magazine) at her Santa Monica home.

Brad Pitt Surprises Friend and Makeup Artist with a Transforming ADU

At only 400 square feet, the detached garage seems far too small to accomodate all the items on Brad’s wishlist — a full kitchen, bathroom, professional makeup station, sleeping space for guests, living area, and extra storage to boot. But of course Jonathan and Drew had a secret weapon hiding up their sleeves: transforming and multi-purpose furniture.

The brothers know firsthand the impact that transforming furniture can have on a very small space. Drew Scott first discovered Resource Furniture when he came to our LA showroom several years ago looking to furnish an impossibly tiny, ultra-narrow attic space in his private home in southern California. Resource helped Drew furnish the space with an LGM revolving wall bed, which allowed the space to double as a private study/guest room.

Having experienced Resource’s small-space design capabilities for themselves, the brothers knew this was the perfect way to check off all the items on the wishlist.

After a tour around Resource Furniture’s LA showroom, the Scott brothers selected a Swing sofa-wall bed for the ADU’s main living and sleeping area. With hidden under-seat storage, a surrounding modular closet and open shelving system, and a nine-foot sofa with a retractable chaise lounge, the Swing gives this tiny detached garage plenty of extra storage and ample space to lounge. Pull a hidden handle under the display shelf to reveal a queen-size bed, instantly transforming the space into a private backyard guest suite. 

The Swing sofa wall bed features hidden, under-seat storage and a retractable chaise lounge. Pictured here with surrounding modular closet and open shelving system.

Jonathan and Drew also selected a transforming Passo table from Resource Furniture for the open concept living-dining area. The Passo transforms in height from a low coffee table to a full-length dining table large enough to seat ten, thanks to two self-storing leaves.

The Swing sofa-wall bed looks out onto a spacious outdoor patio via a massive floor-to-ceiling sliding glass door, which infuses the entire space with a transition indoor/outdoor feel.

Brad rejoins Jonathan and Drew at the end of the episode for the big reveal, grinning in awe at the hyper-functional wall bed system and tearing up at the sight of a photo of Black’s parents, which the Scott brothers have hidden in a storage closet for her to find.

Like any good Property Brother’s finale, Black’s arrival at the end of the episode is filled with heartwarming speeches, tearful thank-you’s, and plenty of dropped jaws. In between the affectionate smiles and unscripted banter, we get an intimate glimpse into the friendship between Brad Pitt and Jean Ann Black — a genuine moment that we rarely get to see from the big screen celeb.

Celebrity I.O.U. originally debuted on HGTV on April 13, 2020. Visit the Scott brothers’ Resource Guide to read the episode recap and learn more about all of the products featured—or swing by HGTV's website to see air times.

Does Celebrity I.O.U. have you feeling inspired to design your own backyard guest suite or multi-functional home? Contact your local showroom to get started with Resource Furniture today!