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16 Design Ideas To Make Your Home More Valuable

Specially curated design choices can help you open up a space or create a cozy, homey feel. Your decor and furnishing can also increase the value of your home without major renovations that can take up time and money. Increasing the value of your home has many benefits, from attracting potential buyers to updating it so that you can enjoy a modern aesthetic.

We've compiled a range of tips to increase your home's value and update your space. With the right color and materials, you could double your property value in half the time spent on major renovations.

1. Increase Your Curb Appeal

Add value to your property before stepping inside your home by updating the exterior. Your home's exterior reflects the interior design that leaves a lasting impression on those visiting for the first time. Here are a few ways to update your exterior and landscape:

  • Paint your exterior walls: Muted and neutral colors — like classic white, light taupe and gray — are a great way to update your home in a way that attracts potential buyers.
  • Plant trees: Trees add shade and value to your home. Choose a low-maintenance option that is native to your region. 
  • Plant flowers: Like trees, you can enhance the curb appeal with plants, flowers and bushes. You can add visual interest with decorative flower pots and planters.
  • Hire a landscaper: A landscaper can help you choose the right trees, flowers and plants and take care of your landscape by tending to your lawn and greenery. 
  • Update your garage doors: Replace old or broken garage doors with new and updated ones that match your home's style.
  • Outdoor seating: Boost curb appeal with outdoor seating on your patio or deck. Use weather-resistant materials such as wrought iron or aluminum tables and wicker or rattan chairs. 

2. Declutter Your Interior

Give your home a high-quality style by removing clutter to create a clean look. The cleaner a room's appearance, the more a potential buyer can visualize themselves in the space. You can donate items that are no longer used to clear up space. Add storage bins and baskets to hide items that make rooms appear busy or untidy. 

3. Use Modern Light Fixtures

Modern light fixtures can boost the brightness and value of your home. Replace floral shades with square glass lamps or add statement overhead light fixtures. Recessed lighting can also brighten your space in a minimal way. For eco-friendly options, LED lights are an energy-saving choice.

4. Choose Neutral Paint Colors

Like the exterior of your home, neutral paint colors will increase the value of your interior. Neutral colors include white, light gray or taupe. Ochre or sea foam green are other options that add a bit more flair without straying too far from a neutral color scheme. If you want to add a bold color, navy blue or charcoal will elevate your home value. Add brassy and gold fixtures with pops of colors to liven up the dark space. Remember to paint the trims and mold the same color for a seamless look. 

Choose Neutral Paint Colors

5. Make Your Own Built-ins

If you want to create floor-to-ceiling built-ins, you can buy cube storage or bookcases and stack them against each other to create a seamless built-in look. When adding books and items to the bookcase, place them strategically to avoid clutter. This is another great way to some extra storage.

6. Add Contrasting Colors

Having all your walls painted one color can make your space seem outdated. Create an accent wall that complements the color of the rest of the room. You can also paint doors darker to create contrast, such as painting the front door black. 

7. Mix Furniture and Textures

Another outdated concept is matching furniture and materials. Strategically plan your layout. Then, add a variety of small and large sofas, coffee tables and ottomans to your space in various neutral colors. Add textures and materials, like leather, cotton and velvet, with throw blankets and pillows.

8. Add Molding and Panels

One of the ways to improve your home value and create a luxury feel is by adding molding and panels to your walls. It creates a classic look, leaving your home feeling timeless with an enhanced value. Don't worry about the colors clashing with your molding and panels — both neutrals and bold colors look great alongside paneling. 

9. Statement Piece Furniture

Add high-quality vintage pieces to add a touch of personality and eye-catching appeal. Choose one statement piece per room to avoid furniture clashing with one another. This can include a chest of drawers you bought from a thrift store or a chest inherited from your family. For precious and valued items, display them within a glass cabinet or cupboard to keep them safe, especially if you're showing your home to potential buyers.

10. Replace Fixtures

Even the small things in your home can have a big impact on your home's value. Replace fixtures like light switches to match decor or faucets to create a modern look in your kitchen and bathroom. Add brass or silver hardware, such as door handles and knobs, to cabinets and the exterior door.

11. Add Greenery

One of the most understated yet best ways to add value to your home is through live plants. It breathes life into your space, adding a splash of color between the neutral shades and bold hues. If you choose a neutral palette for your furniture and paint, flowers such as azaleas and lilies can add color to your decor. 

12. Showcase Your Artwork

Artwork can help your home look high-value without the price tag. You can display paintings you purchased from a shop or contemporary artwork you created yourself. Choose matching frames, such as matte black or rich dark brown, to create a cohesive yet expensive look. 

Showcase Your Artwork

13. Choose the Right Size Rug

Bring the decor and interior together with a rug that perfectly fits your space. Avoid placing the rug against a wall so you can create some negative space that makes the room appear bigger. You can choose a vintage rug that will complement your statement pieces without overwhelming the space or a more eye-catching one if a room needs a pop of visual interest. 

14. Use White Linens

Include the decor from five-star hotels and luxury spas to boost your home value. Use white linens such as bedding and towels to create a crisp, clean, luxurious look. Use quality materials such as 100% cotton and Egyptian cotton to make a lasting impression.

15. Treat Your Windows

Give your windows an update with new window treatments. Use faux wood blinds for a natural look, or let natural sunlight enter the space with vertical blinds. For a softer, classic look, add light taupe or beige floor-to-ceiling drapes that will draw the eye up and make the space appear bigger. 

16. Install Smart Features

No modern and updated home is complete without smart features. Install electronics you can control on your smartphone, such as blinds and lights. Consider installing a security system for added protection and value.

Enhance the Value of Your Home With Resource Furniture

With our tips on how to increase the value of your home, you can create a beautifully decorated space with a quality touch. Trust Resource Furniture for statement furnishing that will elevate your home even more. Our multi-functional furniture allows flexibility and supports creativity.

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Enhance the Value of Your Home With Resource Furniture