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13 Ideas for the Extra Bedroom in Your House

13 ideas for the extra bedroom in your house

If you have an extra bedroom in your home — whether because your children have moved out or your roommate has moved somewhere new — you have many options for deciding what to do with the extra space. In this guide, we'll walk you through what you can do with an extra bedroom in your home. 

1. Guest Room

One of your first instincts may be to turn your spare bedroom into a guest room to accommodate visitors. Whether your room is small or large, you can add everything you need if you know how to maximize the space, including a bed, dresser, nightstand and decor. You can also add amenities like a television so that your guests can relax in the evenings and early mornings. Depending on how comfortable your guest room is, you can sublet it and collect rent. If you choose this option, make sure to advertise the room online or in newspapers. 

2. Home Office

Working from home is the norm for many people. Whether your job is fully remote or hybrid — or if you often take work home with you — having a dedicated peaceful place to work is beneficial. You can add an ergonomic chair, desk, computer, bookshelf, printer and file holder to your office, as well as decor for a personalized touch. 

3. Kid's Bedroom

If you have grandchildren, they may enjoy coming over to spend the night at your home, so you'll need a comfy place for them to sleep. You can use your extra room as your grandchildren's dedicated space in your home and decorate it with their favorite cartoon character, animal, color or something else. If you have multiple grandchildren, you may consider investing in bunk beds to save space. They will accommodate more kids, and your grandkids will love how fun they are. You can also add a desk, dresser, nightstand and entertainment center. 

4. Children's Playroom

If you have grandchildren or young nieces or nephews, one of the coolest extra bedroom ideas involves turning the room into a children's playroom. You can have a lot of fun decorating this space and complete the look with play mats, colorful area rugs, dollhouses, toy bins, tents, hammocks, books, art easels and more. A children's playroom gives your grandchildren, nieces or nephews a place to play and keep the rest of your home clean. 

5. Game Room

Kids and adults alike love playing video games — but if your partner, children or grandchildren want to play video games when you want to watch a movie, you could experience some conflict. Here's where a game room comes in. You can turn your extra room into a game room by adding a sofa, entertainment center, TV and game consoles. You can also play board games in the room if you add a table and comfy chairs. 

6. Home Gym

Another thing you can do with the empty bedroom in your house is turn it into a home gym. If you prefer working out at home but lack the proper equipment, your extra room provides an opportunity to invest in equipment like workout mats, yoga balls, dumbells, treadmills and resistance bands. 

benefits of home greenhouse

7. Greenhouse

You don't need a big yard to have a garden and reap the benefits. The benefits of indoor plants include: 

  • Reduced stress
  • Increased focus
  • Boosted recovery from illness, surgery or injury
  • Increased happiness
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Increased productivity

Research the plants you're interested in so you know how to set up your room. If your room doesn't receive much natural light, you can purchase artificial lights.

8. Library

Another idea for the extra bedroom in your house is to transform it into a library with a snug reading nook. Bookworms tend to have more books than they have shelves. But you can remedy this problem with wall shelves, and also add a lounge chair, lamps and plush pillows. Imagine enjoying a steaming mug of coffee, tea or hot chocolate curled up under a blanket, reading a nice novel as rain beats against your window — it's a book lover's dream room.

9. Pet Room

When you adopt a pet, they become part of your family. As with any family member, it feels great when you spoil them. You can do just that by creating a pet room complete with beds, tunnels, toys, food and water bowls, pet houses, and cat trees. Aside from spoiling your pets, it also keeps their stuff concentrated in one room and gives them an escape.

10. Dining Room

Many homes don't have a separate dining room, so something else you can do with a spare room is make it a dining room. All you need to create a formal dining room is a table and some chairs, decorations, placemats, a China cabinet and a bar cart. You can feel lavish as you wine and dine with your friends and family in your home.

11. Pantry

Some kitchens don't have a pantry to store canned goods and other bulky items. If you turn your extra room into a pantry, you can organize your goods. You can utilize wall shelves to store snacks, canned goods and bottled water. You can also invest in bins to store household goods like cleaning supplies and paper towels.

12. Entertainment Room

If you enjoy entertaining guests, you can transform your spare room into an inviting sitting room. You can find a nice area rug, some cozy lounge chairs, decorative throw pillows and a coffee table. Adding a crackling fireplace can create a comfortable ambiance and turn your sitting room into an excellent space to entertain guests.

13. Combination of Rooms

There's no need to settle for one room when you can make a combination room. Multipurpose furniture gives you the flexibility to use a room for multiple purposes. If you're stuck between a guest room and a game room, you can invest in a wall bed with a sofa and set up an entertainment center. The possibilities are endless with the right furniture.

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Transform Your Spare Room Into a Multipurpose Room With Resource Furniture

With a multipurpose room, you have a private space to read and relax or a spot for your grandchildren or guests to stay the night. To supplement your spare room, invest in multifunctional pieces from Resource Furniture. 

We design our furniture with our clients in mind — our furniture can help you get the most out of your space and make it useful for multiple purposes. Schedule an appointment at one of our showrooms to view our beautiful, high-quality furniture, and find the pieces you need to create the room of your dreams.