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Guide to the Perfect Guest Room

guide to the perfect guest room

Hosting guests can be a rewarding experience. You get to show off your home and decorating talent while spending additional time with your friends and family. When you're expecting guests, you want to make your home feel welcoming and comfortable. One way you can make them feel at home is by preparing your guest room.

You don’t need a large, single-family home with a designated guest bedroom to be an excellent host — with a little creativity, homes of virtually any size can accommodate guests (Graham Hill even managed to fit a guest bed in his 350-square-foot Soho apartment). Your home office, media room, or (finished) basement or attic can work as a guest room with transforming and multi-functional furniture and these guest room decor ideas.

tips to make your guest room cozy

Tips to Make Your Guest Room Cozy

Here are some tips to make your guest room perfect.

1. Provide a Comfortable Bed

 After a trip, everyone wants to relax and unwind, and there's no better way to do that than on a plush, cozy bed. It's heavenly and refreshing to sink into a soft mattress and drift off into a blissful sleep. And visitors can do just that on beds with storagewall beds or day beds

The Flex modular sofa, for instance, features movable backrests and reconfigurable sofa islands, so it can be used as a sofa, day bed or chaise lounge. A wall bed stores away when not in usemaking it perfect for occasional overnight guests. Our Clei wall beds all feature the Premium Mattress Collection with breathable, open-cell material to keep your guests cool and comfortable. No more guesswork involved in guest mattress shopping!

Don't underestimate the value of high-quality bedding, either. Because you aren’t resting there every night, it’s easy to overlook these small finishing touches that make for an exceptionally comfortable guest bedroom. Adding a variety of throw pillows, quilts and throw blankets will go a long way towards upping the comfort factor — they also allow guests to find their perfect sleeping temperatures — not to mention, they make for great decor.

Bedding is especially important if you’re furnishing your guest space for vacation rental income. High thread-count sheets, attractive pillowcases and a heavy down comforter will give your guest room a hotel-like quality that sets your space apart from other vacation rental units on the market.

2. Throw in the Amenities

Take more cues from hotels — stock your guest space with essential amenities, like travel-sized toiletries and stacks of fresh towels. Other guest room amenity ideas include shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, essential oils and candles, which all add a touch of luxury and increase the coziness of the room. Even if your guest room doesn’t have an en suite, every traveler will appreciate the gesture — and providing a supply of toiletries means guests won’t have to go rummaging through your bathroom vanity and linen closets in search of a spare tube of toothpaste!

3. Provide Entertainment

We’ve all been there — you finally arrive at your destination, crawl into your guest bed and pull out your phone for some late-night scrolling when you realize — you’re without Wi-Fi! On top of that, your battery is low, and you have no idea where the outlets are. Be a super-host and relieve your guests of these small but all-too-common annoyances

Place a device station in your guest room, complete with a power strip, spare phone chargers and your Wi-Fi password. For an added decor factor, take inspiration from Pinterest and display your Wi-Fi password on a lightbox, chalkboard or bulletin board. Keep your device station on a bedside table so your guests can store their charging devices at night. Never again will your guests have to crawl around furniture on their hands and knees, hunting for outlets!

You can also set up an entertainment center with a smart TV that has streaming apps. This way, your guests can wind down at the end of the night by watching their favorite shows or movies. To go along with the TV, you can set up an area to provide snacks, like popcorn and trail mixes.

4. Provide a Comfortable Place to Sit

Some people aren't comfortable sitting on a bed. However, depending on the size of your guest room, putting a sofa in there may not be feasible. 

Instead, you can provide a sofa wall bed to make the room more flexible and accessible. It provides a comfortable place for your guests to sit and a cozy place to sleep while making the room feel more spacious. Sofa wall beds are also ideal if you're converting a living space or an office to a guest room and want flexibility.

Another option is to put lounge chairs and ottomans in the room. Lounge chairs are the epitome of comfort, and ottomans offer additional storage.

5. Keep a Full-Length Mirror

If you’re hosting guests, it’s likely they’re visiting for a special occasion. A full-length mirror is an obvious essential for anyone dressing up for a big event. Bonus points if your mirror includes clothing hooks for hats, coats, bags or ties. When guests are in town for a formal occasion, the more clothing storage, the better. The Betty storage mirror is an excellent piece for guest rooms with its removable coat hangers and built-in sliding drawers on the sides for jewelry and other accessories.

6. Brighten Things Up

Bright rooms are cheerful and relaxing. You can brighten up a room and make it appear more spacious by incorporating lighter colors. Breezy curtains brighten up the room by letting in more natural light. Fake potted plants and lace blankets and throw pillows can also brighten the place and make it luxurious.

schedule a showroom appointment with resource furniture

Schedule a Showroom Appointment With Resource Furniture

Resource Furniture has what you need to spruce up your guest room. Our high-quality transforming furniture helps you make the most of your space with furniture that has multiple purposes, such as a sofa wall bed. Not only will your guests be comfortable with our furniture, but they'll also feel like they're staying in the lap of luxury.

We have over 20 years of experience helping our customers transform their homes. Our experienced, knowledgeable staff can help you find the perfect furniture to upgrade your guest room and maximize the space. You can customize the furniture you choose to create a truly personalized design for your home. Browse our furniture online or schedule a showroom appointment to see our marvelous furniture in person and find out how we can help you.