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Life Edited Off the Grid, on Maui

The mission statement of Graham Hill’s LifeEdited is clearly on display at his Hawaiian home, featuring wall beds by Clei, modular sofas, and tables from Resource Furniture.

Bedrooms Do Double Duty

As stated in The New York Times: At 1,000 square feet, with an additional 330-square-foot lanai and 1,330-square-foot garage, the resulting house — completed with help from the architecture and engineering firm Hawaii Off-Grid — isn’t exactly small. But it packs a lot into that envelope, including four bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms.

The bedrooms combine function and style with Clei wall bed systems that allow each bedroom to function as their own dual space. One bedroom doubles as a home office with the Ulisse Desk, while another bedroom transforms into a dining room with the Penelope Dining. A third bedroom features bunk beds that fold into a sofa, thus becoming a living room or media room for watching television via the Kali Duo Sofa. We can’t imagine much television viewing when surrounded by paradise, though!

Eco Friendly, Green Living

Passo tables are placed throughout for resting tropical drinks or extending to service up to 10 people for dinner. The 330-square foot lanai (that’s Hawaiian for veranda) is adorned with Flex Outdoor sofas for endless lounging under sweet, Pacific skies, plus a Piano rack for hanging floral shirts, leis, even bottles of wine.

Solar panels generate power to run the house, while the roof, gutters and rain chains channel water to a 15,000-gallon tank used for irrigation, not to mention water-less composting toilets. Graham’s home is a shining example of his company’s mission statement: it’s eco-friendly, employing green technology featured on TreeHugger, and applies intelligent concepts, technology, and furnishings.

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