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Room Tour: Corine Maggio

Corine Maggio's (@cmnaturaldesigns) recent project transformed a spare bedroom in a guesthouse into a studio space, overflow hangout space, and guest bedroom with the help of our Penelope Board wall bed. Utilizing bold vintage patterns and flexible furnishings, this inspiring studio space effortlessly serves multiple functions day in and day out.

Corrine Maggio Bedroom, Bed Down


We asked Corine, "Tell us a little about this project and the homeowners’ needs.  How does this room fit into the overall design?"

"For this particular room, the homeowners wanted to stylistically liven things up relative to the rest of the house which is more serene and neutral. This room is a studio space in their guest house but it also serves as an overflow hangout which is why we used the Penelope Bed. Not only do they get the queen sized bed they needed but, since there is only one office in the house, they also get the additional workspace. It’s also useful if their guests need a workspace."

view of studio loft

This design shows just how multipurpose furniture can transform a room at a moment's notice, and do so stylishly. As the home only has one office, the Penelope Board provides an additional workspace to focus without feeling like you are in a bedroom; when closed, the Penelope Board wall bed sports a generous, five-foot desk. Corrine dressed the Penelope Board wall bed with a COM headboard in a vintage botanical pattern to match the curtains, imbuing vibrant colors into the space to spark creativity. 

We asked Corrine what brought her to Resource Furniture, in particular: 

"The murphy bed was actually their (the client's) idea! We needed one that would be easy for their aging parents to move up and down and we also wanted the additional usage of the desk space so the Penelope was a no brainer. The Penelope allowed for the desk space while not eating too much into the room. We liked that we could have it motorized and that we could add the lights. Plus the custom headboard made all the difference in giving it a really personalized look and feel."


Photos courtesy of Carley Page Summers.