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Best Murphy Bed Styles for Seattle Homes & Apartments

Best Style Murphy Beds for Seattle Homes and Apartments

Murphy beds are the perfect solution for Seattle homeowners and tenants seeking functionality and convenience by offering the best of both worlds. No matter how much space you have or want to acquire, this exceptional piece of sustainable furniture will fit in and stand out to complete your dwelling. 

They open a world of possibilities with their versatility, saving you space when needed and providing a place to sleep at night. Learn more about the different styles, colors and varieties of Murphy beds Resource Furniture sells to our Seattle-based clientele.

Murphy Bed Styles

The sky's the limit with our extensive selection of Seattle custom Murphy beds that quickly turn any space into a multifaceted sanctuary. Most Murphy beds come in standard sizes, but they are fully customizable to suit your home. They can convert into a sofa, desk or table that turns a bedroom into an office or lounge in minutes. We'll cover a few of our favorite styles below. 

Murphy Beds With Sofas

Your Seattle home or apartment will be the talk of the town with our Murphy beds that transform into sofas for a truly versatile experience. Some of our motorized beds open and close within 15 seconds. Another incredible feature is the safety factor our Murphy beds offer. Though these beds are silent, their built-in, automated sensors prevent harm to anyone who doesn't see them opening and closing for added peace of mind at all times. They come with three- or four-seat sofas for your guests to sit comfortably. 

A few other optional features of our Murphy beds with sofas include:

  • Concealed storage partitions beneath sofa seats
  • Armrests
  • Ottomans
  • Headboards
  • Lifetime warranties
  • Aerial shelves

Murphy Beds With Tables and Desks

Our Murphy beds with tables and desks have widespread appeal, whether you want to save space or enjoy a multipurpose living area. With our Penelope Dining Queen Wall Bed, you can create an impromptu dining room by storing your bed away. 

If you're looking for something exceptionally different, our LGM rotating wall bed will leave your guests in awe at its modern simplicity. On one side, your bed is ready to use or store away. On the other, you can mount a 55-inch TV or use a dismountable desk for your work. These become accessible at the touch of a button. 

Our Kali Ponte Board option has numerous advantages for the ultimate space-saving solution. This three-in-one wonder includes a twin bed that doubles as a desk, neatly tucked beneath a storage unit you can use for hanging clothes or storing toys and other items. 

If you're an avid reader, the Adam Tavolo custom queen wall bed is perfect for you. It has two shelves on top for storing your book collection and other memorabilia. It also folds out horizontally to expose a beautiful, functional desk for you to use as your reading nook if you prefer. 

Murphy Bunk Beds

Our bunk beds come in three different options that are customizable to your preferences. They include locking ladders for safety, and the upper bunk slants at an angle so you can change the bedding without any hassles.

The Kali Duo Board bunk beds are ideal for families with studious children. These bunks change from twin beds at night to desks for studying during the day. Its counterpart with the same name, the Kali Duo, has similar features without the desk and is suitable for guest bedrooms for the kids' cousins and friends to sleep over. The third in this range includes a sofa with enough seating for at least four people, perfect for entertaining guests after a sleepover. 

Work From Your Seattle Home or Apartment

Work From Your Seattle Home or Apartment

One of the primary benefits of our multifunctional furniture is how well it caters to the needs of those who work from their Seattle home or apartment. For those with limited space, the Home Office setup is ideal if you don't need a bed to convert to a desk but prefer the space-saving option of transforming your desk into a cabinet. 

Additionally, we offer twin beds for extra space-saving that allow you to choose between a small desk or table when converted. The bed folds neatly into a crevice in the wall, leaving the desk/table for you to work, study or eat on. 

Other options in our high-quality work-from-home range include:

  • Single, intermediate or queen-sized Murphy beds with desks
  • Freestanding desks with built-in compartments to store all your office essentials
  • Flip-down desks fold to blend in with the rest of your decor at the end of your workday

Benefits of a Murphy Bed for Your Seattle Home

Each of our unique Murphy bed systems offers specific features, dimensions and finishes tailored to its purpose. Here are a few benefits you may find across our range, depending on what you opt for:

  • High-quality, durable, fully customizable Murphy beds.
  • Space-saving and space-creating, multifunctional furniture of all shapes and sizes. 
  • Level shelves that don't move even when you store the bed away.
  • Pivoting mechanisms that keep items fixed on the desk when you use the bed. 
  • Automated, noise-free mechanisms open and close the bed. 
  • Add optional features like shelves, armrests, ottomans and more to your unit.
  • Various shipping and installation options are available based on your choice.

Visit Our Seattle Showroom for a Large Selection of Murphy Beds

Visit Our Seattle Showroom for a Large Selection of Murphy Beds 

Enjoy custom Murphy beds in Seattle made to your desired specifications. When you're ready to get the ball rolling, our expert design team will provide you with a complimentary, no-obligation consultation. They'll help you realize your dream with their unwavering attention to detail and thorough execution, ensuring you are delighted with your finished project. 

If you're looking for a product you've seen online or want to view our available selection in person, schedule an appointment at our showroom in Seattle. Get ready to be astounded by the range we have for you. You'll surely find something suited to your wants and needs!