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Seven Sneaky Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Small-space living comes with many benefits — it helps you embrace the transformative power of decluttering, practice conscious consumption, and live a more curated lifestyle. However, keeping a small space tidy and organized comes with its own set of challenges. Here, we share some creative storage ideas for small spaces that make tiny apartments (or homes of any size) more comfortable and efficient.

Hide and Disguise

In a small space, aesthetics and storage often struggle to coexist. That’s why we recommend you hide and disguise clutter with storage furniture. Storage furniture takes stylish pieces you would have in your home anyway and adds a secondary function or storage element, keeping clutter at bay and maintaining a clean, organized look. 

A suitable example from our collection is the Swing Chaise: this innovative sofa wall bed seamlessly converts your living room into a bedroom in seconds, revealing a queen-size bed with the pull of a handle. When the bed is not in use, the Swing Chaise features an integrated 9’ sectional sofa with a spacious storage compartment hidden under the seat. 

Our Oslo Sofa and Oslo Sectional work wonders, too, in hiding and disguising storage space through stylish furniture. These queen-sized sofa wall beds feature similar storage compartments under the seat, elegantly combining a luxurious Italian sofa, queen bed, and storage system in one.

Aside from wall beds, there are plenty of storage furniture options for small bedrooms. Our showrooms carry an array of modern storage beds, for example, to hide bedding or other bulky items without compromising style. A queen-sized bed takes up about 33 square feet of space, so why not put some of it to use by doubling your bed as your storage? 

Make Full Use of the Wall Space

In small apartments, wall spaces are essential for providing extra storage without the added clutter. Think about how a city manages to fit more people, homes, and businesses into a limited footprint: by building up, not out. Wall storage solutions do not take up the additional square footage of a dresser or a sideboard, freeing up precious floor space. Maximize your wall storage through:

  • Narrow storage units: Turn a blank wall into something functional and eye-catching by adding storage units that can fit in narrow corridors or entrance hallways (more on this below).
  • Corner closets: Every corner matters, especially if your home lacks closet space. Make the most of your available wall space and put empty corners to good use with our Corner Closets. These modular closet systems can stow plenty of stuff while blending seamlessly into the walls, creating an extra closet where there was none before. You can even customize your closet interior with optional shelves, hanging racksand drawers. 
  • Shelving systems: Convert that underutilized wall into an array of bespoke shelving unitsor use shelving room divider to partition a room while boosting its overall storage potential. Our fully customizable Boiserie Shelving is a remarkable pick for optimizing wall space to create abundant storage. The simplicity and functionality of our custom shelving systems make it easy to combine them with other storage solutions, like our wall bed systems.
  • Cabinetry units: Cabinetry units are an elegant way to add closed storage without compromising your space. We can design custom wall units and cabinetry systems to accommodate virtually anything, including a flatscreen television, hidden desk, or flip-down bar. 

Capitalize on Convertible Furniture

Innovative furniture design can solve for even the most severe space restrictions. Convertible furniturelike our Italian-made Murphy bedscan save square footage while keeping your home functional and organized. Wall beds and transforming tables keep things temporarily out of sight but still easily accessible. Invest in premium convertible furniture, such as:

  • Multifunctional wall beds: Our LGM revolving wall bed is the pinnacle of multifunctionality, combining a complete guest room and home office in one. This multipurpose system rotates 180 degrees to reveal a queen bed on one side and a library on the other, complete with an optional fold-down desk that detaches to double as a freestanding table. It also features the option to mount a 55” TV on the front panel (which can double as a computer display), optional LED reading lights, and optional USB ports for easy charging. 
  • Wall beds with storage above the bed: Living in a small home is all about finding untapped storage potential. Our Penelope Book wall beds feature interior bookshelves, turning even the space inside your wall bed into a functional bookshelf. The Penelope Book wall beds are available with integrated desks, sofas, or dining tables, adding a second function during the day when the bed is not in use. 
  • Transforming tables: Create a multipurpose room instantly with the addition of a transforming table. Our convertible tables are true shapeshifters — instantly rising from coffee to dining height in seconds, or expanding from a slim console table to a 116” banquet table through a unique telescoping mechanism. We offer table options with self-storing leaves, built-in storage, and even wire management systems to help you make the most of your space.

Install Narrow Cabinets

Even narrow cabinets can offer surprisingly spacious areas to store your books, clothes, entertainment items, and more. Take advantage of unused space in tight hallways or entryways with narrow cabinets, like our modular Shallow Base Units.

Shallow Base Units are available with optional drawers and your choice of closed or open storage, meaning these cabinet interiors can store various items in one go. Their convenient dimensions help this modular furniture blend seamlessly with other storage solutions, such as our Boiserie Shelving. This feature makes narrow cabinets more suitable for smaller spaces because they do not add to the visual clutter. 

Optimize your space with compact furniture from our wide selection of modular or customizable cabinetry solutions. We specialize in modern, flexible cabinets that save space and enhance your overall room design. 

Cover up With Curtains

One of the most clever organizing ideas to minimize visual clutter is the use of curtains. Even if you have plenty of open shelves, cabinets, or storage racks on the wall, you can easily hide them away with some clutter-concealing curtains. While you can always install a simple tension rod to hang your preferred curtain design, there are more sophisticated curtain options to make your space feel more organized and chic, as well. 

In this basement renovation project, designer Sara Jazayeri used remote-controlled roller shades to partition this reading room/overflow guest room, instantly hiding the shelves and creating a privacy wall when needed.

Keep Things Organized With Customizable Storage

Wires, cables, and other media items like video game controllers, headphonesand tripods vary in sizeMore often than not, they look amiss in a sophisticated room setup. That's why storing them in a designated space helps create a more organized and cohesive look.

If you're looking for some clever storage ideas for your small space, you can't go wrong with our customizable storage that delivers a guaranteed fit for an uncluttered appearanceWe can modify storage sections that work for your lifestyle — be it a practical wire management feature for your electronics or an extra compartment for your jewelry. Eliminate the need for bins or unsightly containers when you can have stylish, multifunctional storage.

Install Extra Storage Add-Ons

Our customizable storage solutions offer more than just a place to put your things. From adjustable closet organizers to hanging hooks, we offer many helpful accessories and add-ons to enhance your closet and cabinetry space. Save valuable storage space in your home with our tailor-made storage, where you can incorporate belt racks, pull-down hanging rods, and shoe racks. 

One highly recommended customizable storage option is our Entryway Collection, which is a fully customizable selection of closets, cabinetry, and shelving systems that combines versatility and elegance into one. It delivers amazing storage sections and remarkable add-ons — like air purifiers to keep your closet from getting musty and LED lighting to add visual appeal.

Get Transforming Furniture for Any Space at Resource Furniture 

Whether you need a sophisticated storage system, a multifunctional wall bedor transforming table, Resource offers a superior collection of quality, flexible home furniture that makes small-space living more efficient and comfortable. Visit a Resource Furniture showroom today, and we'll assist you in finding the perfect piece for your multifunctional, convertible furniture needs. After all, you deserve the best furniture solution — whatever space you live in.