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How to Utilize Space in a Small Bedroom

Feeling open and organized can turn any small space into a cozy and comfortable environment. Getting organized can allow you to keep all your favorite items in your bedroom while still personalizing the area and feeling unconfined. 

Although it can be a challenge to find a place for all your things, figuring out how to maximize your space can make all the difference. The good news is that you can create a functional and stylish space, even in a small bedroom. Decluttering is a great start, but there are plenty of other ways to enhance your area, too. 

If you're looking for ways to use your space better, we've got some small bedroom ideas to help.

Small Bedroom Ideas to Maximize Space

Whether you're looking for a way to maximize space in a studio apartment, down-size from your current living situation or find creative ways to decorate and brighten your room, we've got some great small-space hacks. 

Use Light Colors

When painting or decorating your room, try using light colors. Light colors help to make a space look bigger than it is and are an excellent opportunity to get creative and maximize your space. 

Pairing pale blues with colors on your door or ceiling can create a soothing environment. Light greens such as sage and moss can give you a refreshing, modern look. White is an excellent option if you have bold pieces or wood furniture. You can use blush pink to complement any neutral decor. Using lavender can make your room feel cozy

Find a Mirror or Two

Mirrors can make a space look bigger by creating an optical illusion in well-placed areas. They can even replicate the effects of a window if you don't have one in your room. 

You can place your mirror in a corner, on the back of your door or on your closet. If you have a window, placing a mirror in an area that reflects the light can transform your room from small and dark to big and bright.

Try Minimalist Decor

Be sure your decor has a purpose. You'll want to find art pieces that complement the rest of your color palette, including any picture frames.

The best art has a focal point that keeps anyone looking at the piece interested and helps to keep your room feeling cozy and uncluttered. Because art can open up your room, you don't necessarily have to limit the size of the print. You can choose one large image for your wall or create a gallery of well-placed photos around your bed. You just want to be sure you don't crowd your area.

Images of beaches, oceans and other large spaces can help to create a wide-open feeling for your room. 

Use Floating Shelves

Floating shelves and similar furniture pieces help create space when you don't have any more on your floor. As a bonus, they're a convenient way to stay organized, and there are many different kinds and multiple ways to use them.

  • Classic floating shelves: These shelves are simple and open. They're not connected and are an excellent spot for greenery and other small decor items.
  • Elongated shelves: If you have the space, extra-long shelves work well for books and work-related items. 
  • Storage shelves: For a modern look, storage shelves may or may not be covered in the front to hide your things. They can be the perfect place to put makeup, jewelry and other small items that cause bedroom clutter.
  • Square or rectangle shelves: If you like the minimalist look, these shelves can help you get creative and make a statement. 
  • U-shaped shelves: With support on either side, these shelves are an excellent solution for books or other items that may fall over. 
  • Corner shelves: Corner shelves are a great way to utilize space you may not have been able to before and work well for decor and statements pieces. 

Install Wall Sconces

A wall sconce can brighten your room and give you more space on your bedside table. It's also a practical way to ensure ample light if you like to read or work in your bed. 

If your bed is in the middle of your room, you could put a sconce on either side or center one in the middle for comfortable light. If your bed is in a corner or small enough to need only one light, consider putting your sconce off to the side and closer to your nightstand. 

Get Creative With Storage

One of the best ways to convert your small room into a functional one is by utilizing and maximizing storage. Some simple ideas include investing in:

There are plenty of ways to get creative with storage. Whether you're looking to use your current furniture or find some space-efficient ones, there are endless options.

Invest in Multipurpose Furniture 

Incorporating transformable furniture pieces is a functional way to enhance any area. For example, if your guest room doubles as your office, you could maximize space with a wall bed with a table. This Penelope dining piece quickly transforms from a comfortable dining table or desk to a queen bed.

To completely transform your space, consider looking into wall beds, bunk beds and other furniture that can help you create a room you can use for multiple purposes, such as a bedroom and office. A multipurpose wall bed is one of the easiest ways to maximize your space.

Small Bedroom Furniture Ideas

If you're wondering how to furnish a small bedroom, you'll be happy to know that there are plenty of options. Whether you want to find more storage space, need to maximize your seating or are looking to create a home office, you can choose from many different furniture types. 

Maximize Seating

If you're looking to add more seating to your room, consider a wall bed with a sofa. Pieces such as a Swing 0 provide ample seating for friends and family members while also doubling as an easy pull-down bed.

swing o wall bed sofa

You may also want to consider foldable or stackable seating. Chairs like these allow you to have enough space for any guests or family members while making storage easy when you aren't using them.

Create a Work Space

With many people now working from home, it's important to have a designated workspace. Wall beds with tables and desks are an efficient way to separate work and rest while maximizing your space. This Circe Board features a horizontal queen bed and desk. For additional storage, you could also place shelves above the bed.

If you want another way to create an efficient office space, you could try a transforming Home Office piece. You can keep your bed and desk separate while still maximizing your area by using furniture that makes it easy to set aside work at the end of the day. You can easily pull it out the desk when you need it, and when you finish, you simply close up the unit.

Use Beds That Include Storage

If you're looking for storage space, many options are available. Beds with storage allow for organized storage and can easily match the tone of your room as it already is. These beds are a convenient way to put away items that furniture such as dressers and wardrobes would typically hold. By storing these items under your bed, you can eliminate other pieces and create more floor space. 

You could also combine wall storage with your bed. This LGM piece has ample shelf space and storage. Pulling down into a bed and a desk, this piece allows you to maximize your space and still have a modern, unique look.

lgm wall bed with built in storage

Try Modular Base Units

Whether you're looking for a dresser alternative, furniture with more storage space or a functional place to put your television, modular base units can help you create an open space. These pieces seamlessly fit into your room and provide ample options to keep things tidy. 

For example, our shallow base units come in all shapes and sizes with various storage options. You can put them by your bed to serve as a functional nightstand, by your desk to grow your workspace or place them in the center of a wall to utilize the tops and insides. Your options are endless. 

How to Decorate a Small Bedroom

Now that you have many ideas about how your furniture can help you start maximizing your space, you're probably wondering how you can decorate the rest of your room to create a bright and beautiful environment. 

Small Wall Art

It can be easy to make a small room even smaller by using decor that is too big for your space. Large, busy pictures or overlapping tapestries can create a space that feels crowded.

Scale your wall art to your room by using small decorative pieces. As long as your art isn't too big, it can provide a focal point and act as centerpieces that pull colors and patterns together.

You can find or create many simple, small designs to fit any style. You could also use photos to develop a symmetrical pattern or paint your own wall art on small canvases.


Accent pieces can tie a room together. An accent piece could be an unusual piece of furniture or a fantastic decor piece, and it may be functional, aesthetic or both. In a small room, it's essential to use your space efficiently. If you're looking to incorporate an accent piece, consider finding a stand-out piece of furniture. 

Functional furniture can serve as a great accent for a small room. For example, a unique armchair can be a wonderful use of color and allows for more guest seating. For example, the Jill collection of armchairs is inspired by 19th-century furniture. These chairs are comfortable, unique, functional and interesting. The legs on these chairs make it seem like the chair is floating, adding an extra touch of flair to your room. 

Decor can be great for accents too. For example, you could use a Full Moon Mirror to reflect light and brighten up your room or our Punto Mirror Collection to brighten your space and create an interesting focal point for all your guests.

String Lights

String lights can create a magical glow that is perfect for small bedrooms. Because they have no specific form, you can have fun and get creative by arranging them in many different ways. 

  • Create a headboard: Use your lights to create a traditional rectangle, or mix it up and create different shapes and patterns. 
  • Make drapes: Dangle your string lights over curtains to make sparkling, whimsical drapes or dangle them above your bed to make a fairy wall. 
  • Use your ceiling: Use string lights to create your very own galaxy that you can look at before falling asleep.
  • Create a statement piece: Create those accents we mentioned by taking simple decor and lining it with string lights to call attention to it. You could also make patterns with them and clip pictures, notes and other small items to the wires for a fun piece that you can change whenever you want.
  • Line your walls: Run your fairy lights from corner to corner along the top or bottom of your walls. This will brighten your space and create a soft, warm glow for your entire room.

Rugs, Pillows and Curtains

The rugs, pillows and curtains you'll want will depend on the rest of your furniture. You can use these items to incorporate some high-contrasting colors or keep them light and simple. 

If you centered your bed in your room, you could use two runners for either side or place a rug underneath it that leaves a couple of inches on each side. For a corner bed, you could use an area rug that pokes out. If you want to cover most of your floor, measure your room and find a rug that you can center in your space. 

You want to make sure you have enough pillows to be comfortable without crowding your bed or room when they're not in use. If you want decorative pillows, consider finding one or two that you can place in a chair or storage space overnight.

Using light curtains will allow natural light to filter into your room and help create an open and fresh space. Try to get curtains that you can easily push to the side and don't puddle on the floor to maximize your space. If you have a piece of furniture under your window, find curtains that won't run below it. 

Bold Wallpaper

A bold wallpaper can completely transform a room. You could choose a bold color, a bright design or an unusual pattern. Creating an accent wall can complement color schemes and decor very well.

For example, our Concrete wall coverings can create an aged look or provide a more modern pop of color. You can choose various colors and watch your room go from small to special with photographs of concrete from buildings in Norway. Pairing bold wallpaper with simple decor and beautiful colors can create a space that is uniquely you. 

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