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Top 10 Vacation Home Decorating Ideas

Entertaining visitors goes beyond tasty treats and great conversation…

…it’s about offering them a comfortable and relaxing space to enjoy the company! Here are 10 planning and decorating ideas that create an inviting space for your guests that’ll be sure to make your next get-together a successful retreat.

1. Everyone deserves a little space.

A vacation home can bring everyone together, but don’t underestimate the need for a little privacy sometimes, too. Though we’d never admit it out loud, sharing every minute of every day together while on vacation can get old quick, let’s face it! Why not preserve everyone’s nerves by designing a private space into every bedroom? Consider a rotating wall bed like the LGM Tavolo. The fold-down desk turns any bedroom into a den/study during the day, but it magically transforms into a queen bed at night — without removing anything from the bookshelves. Bonus: the desk will come in handy for all the thank you notes your guests are going to write!

2. Go bold.

Vacation homes are an opportunity to use a color palette or print you wouldn’t dare to try in your everyday setting, so embrace the fun! Bring in decorating ideas like geometrics or stripes, and don’t be afraid to mix and match bold colors. We have a plethora of fabric and finish options to choose from, and our designers on staff can expertly guide you out of your comfort zone.

3. Expect the unexpected.

Chances are company will follow you to your getaway abode, sometimes when you least expect it. Be ready with backup sleeping solutions like the Kali Duo Sofa; this clever space-saver transforms from a comfortable 3-4 seat sofa into a twin-XL bunk bed, perfect for overnight guests.


4. Too many cooks (never.)

One of the best parts of sharing a vacation home is that there are never too many chefs for one kitchen! That’s right, you don’t have to do it all — you don’t even have to do most of it. If you’re lucky, you can get away with doing nothing more than telling funny jokes and opening bottles of wine while your guests are fighting for a spot at the stove to show off their favorite recipes. In times like this, you’ll need plenty of barstools and perching spots for the friends who aren’t on cooking duty, and that’s where the Plurimo extension table in counter height and the Bee stacking barstool come into play. Unstack and spread out around the kitchen to keep your guests company before dinner.

5. Slipcovers are your friend.

Select durable fabrics for your interiors that can stand up to all the activities of friends and family. Snow from the slopes or sand from the beach is inevitably going to find its way indoors — let your fabrics do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to worry. All of our sofa wall beds come slipcovered for easy fabric removal and care.


6. Bring the outdoors in.

What better way to kill two birds than with furniture that works just as well outdoors as it does in! Our Olga dining chairs and Zesty stacking chairs are every bit as appropriate on the deck as they are around the dining table, and no need to check if anyone’s still wearing a damp bathing suit.

7. Make room for one (or many!) more at the table.

What better way to welcome unexpected company than with a dining table that expands to seat everyone? The Goliath table starts as a compact console table, but grows to seat four, six, eight, or ten people with each added leaf. No need to turn guests away when flexible furniture easily makes room for more at a moment’s notice.

Goliath console table extends to seat up to 12 guests.

8. Make organizing easy.

No one wants to worry about tidying up while on vacation, so make it a breeze by providing plenty of storage for everything from gloves and hats to sunblock and bug spray. Nothing could make this easier than the Giralot cubbie tower. Put one by the front door for gear, another in the bathroom for toiletries, and a third in the kitchen for gluten-free granola bars and everyone will thank you for it.


9. Playing Musical Bedrooms

A great way to make your vacation home feel bigger than it really is. By turning every room into a guest bedroom, you can break down the hierarchy between host and guest, and allow yourself to experience a new adventure every time you go away. Make sure to keep the kids in the rotation, too!

10. Keep an open…concept.

We’ve already covered the need for a little privacy on vacation, but the rest of the time is meant to be spent all together cooking and hanging out. There’s no better way to achieve maximum quality time than with an open kitchen/dining/living room concept. Try floating a sofa in the middle of the room to divide the space. Our infinitely reconfigurable Flex Sofa is absolutely ideal – not only does it flex to fit whatever seating arrangement you need, but it is also available in an outdoor version (yes, really) and they can both be used as an additional bed. No one will ever want to leave!