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Transforming Furniture for Small Spaces

A home looks different for everyone. Some people call a three-bedroom, two-bathroom house their home, while others reside in a studio apartment. Regardless of where you live and the amount of square footage you own, optimizing the inside of your home is a great way to get the most out of your living space. The best way to make your home more efficient is by including transforming furniture.

Transforming furniture is a game-changer in creating multi-purpose areas in your home regardless of the space you have. Learn more about various transforming furniture options and how they can make any space flexible through this guide to transforming furniture. 

What is Transforming Furniture?

Transforming furniture gives you one furniture item that provides multiple functions. This furniture category is popular for any home because you can have multiple practical uses for your rooms. Transforming furniture can help you live more efficiently and save space in your home.

Filling up a room is easy when you consider all of the items you'll need to add, including large furniture pieces, accents, decorations and storage space. If you're looking for a way to add more purpose to your rooms, you'll find that transforming furniture is the best option for your space because it expands the definition of the room. Your home office can also hold the title of guest room when you have a piece of furniture that can act as both a desk and a bed. It's the perfect way to utilize your space without cluttering your home with numerous pieces of furniture.

Transforming furniture can provide various solutions for your living space. Whether your goal is to organize more of your belongings, create a space for a guest room or make the most out of your smaller home, adding these furniture pieces can help you achieve these goals.

These unique pieces benefit homes of any size, allowing you to use the space you have more efficiently while mitigating clutter. 

Transforming furniture pieces by Resource feature a modern design, often with built-in storage and numerous multi-purpose abilities. Our furniture is designed to pair well with any style, so it is perfect for those who want to continue a sleek, clean look throughout their home or who want to expand their home's aesthetic. 

What Kinds of Transforming Furniture Are There?

Transforming furniture pieces are an excellent addition to any type of room. Your guest room can double as an office space, your coffee table can turn into your dining room table, your wall can pull down to reveal a bed and plenty more. The opportunities you have for every room in your home are nearly endless when you include transforming furniture.

 If you want to integrate new multi-purpose furniture into your home, explore these three categories of transforming furniture  — Murphy beds, transforming tables and seating options. Learn how these types of furniture can make any space more flexible and efficient.

Murphy Beds

If you are deciding between a bed and a desk or seating area, Murphy beds are an excellent option to optimize space. Murphy beds are also known as wall beds, fold-down beds or pull-down beds. These beds are secured to the wall either vertically or horizontally and fold away into a cabinet, often revealing a second function, such as a sofa, desk, table, or bookshelf. It's easy to store and operate these transforming beds, and they save a significant amount of space. By transforming into desks, sofas, or tables, these pieces instantly add a second purpose to any room. 

Check out the different types of transforming beds that will make an impact in your home.

Wall Beds With Sofas

If you want to create a sleeping space for yourself or guests that also acts as a comfortable living area, check out these wall beds with sofas for your home. With a wide variety of bed sizes and sofa styles to choose from, you can find a wall bed with a sofa that meets your needs and fits perfectly in your space. You can choose a loveseat sofa wall bed with a queen-size mattress, such as the Penelope Sofa, or accommodate a larger family or more guests with a sectional sofa wall bed like the Tango Sectional. If you are furnishing a space with lower ceilings, like a basement or attic, consider horizontally opening sofa wall beds like the Adam Sofa

Wall Beds With Tables/Desks

Adding a wall bed with a table or desk allows you to combine your home office or dining room with a guest room. When the Murphy bed is folded away, this furniture features a built-in desk or table surface. 

Create your perfect home office space for work or school and have a place for you or guests to sleep with the Circe Board. This Murphy bed opens horizontally to reveal a queen bed and provides a generous seven-foot-long desk space when stored away. Like the Adam Sofa, the Circe Board features two optional upper storage shelves that can be omitted to accommodate shorter ceiling heights. 

The Penelope Dining Murphy bed offers a long table that can act as a desk or a dining table for four people, and opens vertically to reveal a queen-size bed. 

Penelope Dining Table to Wall Bed

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are always a great space-saver, and the selection of sofa bunk beds and Murphy bunk beds available can help you design your home exactly how you envision it. You can choose the Gemini, a plush sofa that transforms into a bunk bed that can comfortably sleep two adults. 

If you want to create a space that will work as an office and sleep two people comfortably, check out the Kali Duo Board wall bunk bed. This Murphy bunk bed provides a seven-foot-long long desk attached to two horizontal twin XL wall beds. The Kali Duo Board's pivoting desk mechanism keeps the desk level with the floor at all times, so items on the desk surface can stay in place even while the beds are in use. 

Transforming Tables

Tables are versatile pieces of furniture. You can use them for enjoying a meal, completing work for your job or school, as a coffee table or as a side table. If you have a small space or want a table that can provide numerous uses to increase efficiency in your home, check out any of the transforming tables available that can improve your space.

You can find transforming tables perfect for any application or room. Look through the various types of tables to see how they can benefit your home. 

Transforming Desks

With more people working remotely than ever, a home office space is essential. Transforming desks provide a designated workspace that you can seamlessly convert back into a living space when you're finished. 

The Home Office desk converts from a desk during the week into a streamlined storage cabinet when guests visit on the weekend. It keeps your work materials out of sight and out of mind to help promote a healthy work-life balance. 

If you need a large work surface, the Giro transforming console table functions as a large desk, dining table for four and a stylish console table all in one. It pivots 90 degrees out from the wall and unfolds to maximize your space. 

Giro console to dining table

Side Tables

A side table provides convenience while lounging on the sofa, relaxing in bed or resting in a chair. An efficiently designed side table can make all the difference in your home by creating more space.

The Dynamic side or coffee table is adjustable to any height between 15.75" to 28.75'', and features a leather or tecnonabuk-wrapped metal base and sleek bevelled edges for a contemporary aesthetic. You can change your side table into a workstation or dining surface with a simple push of a lever. 

Small spaces can still feel luxurious with space-saving pieces from the Glam Table Collection. This three-piece collection features coffee, side and end tables that you can tuck beside the couch or in between two sectionals. You can mix and match these pieces to create a custom layout. 

Coffee & Dining Tables

Your coffee table can provide more purpose than a place to rest belongings while on the sofa. A transforming coffee table can increase in height, length and width to accommodate other needs or offer unique storage abilities to optimize your living space.

The Katana can transform from a low-lying coffee table to a dining table. You can adjust the height to create the perfect table for any application. Many homes may not have a dedicated space for a dining table, so having a table that can serve multiple purposes is great for optimizing space

The Daria transforming coffee-to-dining table is easily adjustable in both width and height. You can easily move this table to any spot in your home with its built-in under-base wheels.

From a coffee table to a small dining table or a larger dining table, the Brooklyn is another great option to make better use of your space. This unique table features a dramatic crisscross metal base, and effortlessly lifts and extends from a low coffee table to a dining table that can seat up to eight people thanks to two leaves that store inside the tabletop. 

For even more versatility, the Goliath transforms from a slender 17.74-inch deep console table into a dining table for 2-12 guests. You simply slide it open and insert up to five leaves to accommodate your guests. 


Seating is an essential furniture category for any household. Whether you only need enough seating for you or seating to host plenty of guests, these transforming seating furniture options can create the best solution for your home.

Check out the different types of transforming seating items that can make your living room, bedroom, kitchen or any spot in your home more flexible and organized. 


sofa or sectional that not only fits nicely in your space but also offers convenient features is a beneficial furniture piece for any home. A modular style sofa like the Flex sofa is great for anyone who needs their seating area to adapt to the room in numerous ways. The Flex features movable sofa bases and mobile backrest cushions, so it can be endlessly reconfigured to suit your needs. The Flex sofa can be used to create a standard sofa or sectional, a chaise lounge, a tête-à-tête seating arrangement, or even a free-standing bed. 

flex sofa

Additionally, the Square Line Sofa helps optimize space in your living area by offering coffee tables that slide out from underneath the sofa so you can instantly create a surface to perch your coffee cup or magazine. When you need more floor space, simply tuck away the Square Line's integrated coffee tables.

Stacking Chairs

Stackable or folding chairs are another effective furniture category for getting the best use of the space in your home. The Alpha stackable chairs are easy to store and feature a sleek, modern design, perfect for any room. The Pocket folding chairs offer small dimensions and a compact design so you can store them easily.

How is Transforming Furniture Used?

Transforming furniture provides benefits for every type of home and family size. Check out the five reasons people decide to purchase transforming furniture and how it may benefit your home.

1. Multi-Purpose Rooms

If you're deciding between a guest room and a home office, why not have both? Transforming furniture is perfect for combining different areas of your home and saving space. You can find numerous items that serve multiple functions, like coffee tables that change into dining tables, sofas that change into bunk beds or beds that pull down from the wall.

2. Small Spaces

People who want to make the best use of smaller rooms will benefit greatly from transforming furniture. These furniture items are often designed to be more compact or utilize the space they take up in the best way possible. This is especially true for furniture items that serve multiple purposes or have built-in storage compartments included. You can have the guest bed you want and easily fold it away when not in use, allowing for maximum floor space for other purposes of furniture items. You can ask a professional about space-saving furniture tips and what items will serve your home best.

3. Modern Furniture

Many pieces of transforming furniture feature a modern design and a sleek, clean structure. You'll notice that these products will have clean lines, minimal hardware, and sleek finishes that are great for modern or contemporary home aesthetics. These furniture items also pair well with other home aesthetics because of their minimal design and wide selection of finishes. 

4. Limit Clutter

Your home can become cluttered easily when you are missing storage space. Transforming furniture pieces can often provide additional storage solutions for your home, like interior or overhead bookshelves on Murphy beds, storage compartments in coffee tables, hidden under-seat storage on sofas, and other convenient storage features. 

5. Accommodate Guests or Growing Family

People who want to add beds for guests or new family members but want to save as much space as they can benefit from transforming furniture. Murphy beds save space and often provide excellent built-in storage options that will allow you to accommodate more friends or family in your home. 

How to Choose the Best Transforming Furniture

You can browse through all of the transforming furniture options and see how each furniture item can provide benefits for you and your home. You want your home to be a comfortable and welcoming space, and the furniture you choose will help create the space you want. You can learn how to choose space-saving furniture by:


  • Considering your style: Your home's style is a big consideration for the furniture you add to any room. You can customize the colors and finishes of many furniture items at Resource Furniture to ensure that it blends well with the rest of your home decor and existing furniture items. 
  • Ensuring your needs are met: Consider what your home needs and what furniture pieces will help create the best space possible. If you need an extra bed and a sofa, consider one of the wall beds with sofas or a sofa bunk bed. You can find numerous items that will make the space in your home more useful for you and your family or guests. 
  • Searching for quality pieces: High-quality, long-lasting furniture pieces are always the right choice for your home. Quality furniture is reliable and durable. Unlike "fast furniture," it will not end up in a landfill after only a few years of use — which only costs you more in the long run. The transforming furniture pieces at Resource Furniture are the highest quality, space-saving furniture available, constructed only with sustainably sourced materials and rigorously tested to ensure it lasts a lifetime. It is why all Resource Furniture wall beds are backed by a LifeTime Warranty.


Browse Quality Transforming Furniture From Resource Furniture

Browse through all of the transforming furniture and other products from Resource Furniture. Our passion for new space solutions shines through every product and can help create a more efficient space in your home. Schedule a consultation today to visit a showroom or speak with a Sales & Design Consultant from our Manhattan flagship showroom.