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The 2023 Trend Forecast

The start of the new year is an opportunity for fresh starts, reflection, and exploration. As the way we use our homes adapts to our everchanging environment, we're predicting this year in design as a breath of fresh air, embracing color, nature, and personal style into our homes to create multifunctional spaces that serve as a place of wellness and comfort. 

Exploring Personal Style

We've seen this shift begin, with Pantone's color of the year being Viva Magenta, a bright and empowering color that provides a bold accent that creates a joyous warmth to any room. This color, broadly, signals a shift to exploring personal style, and not being scared to take risks and create spaces that are uniquely ours. The beige rainbow has dominated interior design for years, and as much as we all love it, it can start to become boring and uninspiring. We see 2023 as a year for embracing bright, inspiring colors and patterns that spark creativity and blend with our personal taste. 

Pantone Color of the Year

The Expansion of Home

The need for multifunctionality in our homes has become more apparent than ever in recent years. Remote work is here to stay, and having a dedicated office space that distinguishes home from work is needed for our well-being. In 2023, we see people taking their pandemic-era, makeshift home offices and turning them into stylized and chic workspaces that cater to our needs and are a permanent solution to a new way of working. 

Penelope Board Office

This shift in design comes with major challenges. Many individuals do not have the space/desire to dedicate an entire room solely to work, and they shouldn’t have to. Implementing transforming furniture can help solve this problem by creating an office that can double as a guest bedroom or living room during non-work hours. Products like Penelope Board and our Home Office are great choices for creating dedicated workspaces without sacrificing crucial square footage in your home. 

Not only are home offices becoming standard in many of our homes, people are looking to create wellness rooms and home gyms without sacrificing their space. Wall beds provide the functionality of a guest room when needed, but can quickly transform your space into an at-home yoga studio, meditation room, or gym in seconds. 

A Return to Nature

In conjunction with a shift towards wellness, we predict more and more organic shapes and nature finding their way into our homes. Stone, plants, and organic shapes have been making their way into our homes, and we see this only growing in 2023. 

Embracing curved edges in home design is paving the way to become a very popular trend in our homes this year. Harsh edges may look clean, but organic shapes bring a sense of tranquility and peace in interior design. With products like our Curve sofa, you can create a space that exudes calmness and makes for an incredibly comfortable lounging experience. With backrest cushions that can be infinitely arranged, Curve allows you to create any shape you need to accommodate your space. 

Curve Sofa
House plants have never gone out of style, but people are now creating sanctuaries filled with greenery in their homes. Complimenting this organic design style, plants add life to the home and can easily fill space and create focal points in any room. 

New Ways of Living

With more and more people flocking to larger cities, the need for additional housing has become greater than ever before. Multifunctional furnishings are reimagining and redefining the space we need to live comfortably. In places like Los Angeles, ADU's are becoming a popular option for homeowners to create a source of passive income, as well as create affordable housing for renters in the city. We've worked on several ADU projects in the recent years, and we see this taking off in 2023. 


Beyond ADU's, we've seen a giant shift towards living big in a small footprint. As people become more environmentally conscious and have increased concerns about sustainability, downsizing and living in smaller spaces has risen. Not only does this help the planet, it allows for a more thoughtfully designed home that centers itself around multi-functionality to create a space that is effortlessly functional no matter the size. 

We're entering this year with a reinvigorated spirit to create spaces that tailor to our unique needs and embrace our personal style. From bold colors and embracing nature to creating spaces that serve multiple functions without adding square footage to your home, 2023 is a year of transformation in every aspect of the word. Want to see how we're transforming spaces this year? Check out our latest collaboration with the Brownstone Boys, where we transformed a carriage house into a beatiful, multifunctional sanctuary for Heather and Rene.