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LifeEdited, Part 2

Graham Hill’s second LifeEdited apartment is 350-square feet and features transforming furniture to make the space more flexible.

A More Affordable Microspace by Graham Hill

From Dwell:

In 2014, he sold the first apartment, known as LifeEdited1, or LE1 for short, and moved into the 350-square-foot unit upstairs, with plans to renovate. Graham saw the sequel, dubbed LE2, as a chance to finesse some of the problem points of its predecessor.

“LE1 was amazing, but it was very bespoke, somewhat expensive, and a little too precious,” Graham recalls. “With LE2, we wanted to retain the original space’s functionality, but design it in a way that would look less like a white box and have more texture and patina. We also wanted to make it more affordable, so it could work with our development projects.

“With the new apartment, we optimized the layout to the point where, despite the reduced size of the space, Graham could enjoy all the benefits and features of a much larger apartment,” said designer Andrei Butusina. Indeed, the house’s diminutive proportions don’t prevent him or his partner from doing any of the things ordinary homeowners relish. They love entertaining, so there’s a table and seating to accommodate dinner parties for up to 10. And when visitors stay over, the soundproofed office can become a guest bedroom.

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All photos courtesy of Dwell and Christopher Testani