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Ways to Refresh Your Home in the New Year

The new year is known for being a time when we set new goals and push ourselves to become better. We're looking for a change, and one way to do this is to change the space around us. Specifically, we can create a fresh, new and exciting space at home where we can feel our best. 

New furniture, a decluttered space and new decor are all great ways to refresh your home this new year. Explore some other ways to make your space feel new below.

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh coat of paint to refresh your home and give your space a new feel. Paint can become dull or discolored over the years, so a new coat can bring your color back to life. 

If you're looking for a more significant change, go for a new color. Choose light neutrals to brighten your space and give the illusion of a bigger room, or go for a dramatic look and use darker, bold colors like dark green, red or dark blue.

 Declutter your space

Declutter Your Space

Cluttered homes can feel disorganized and distract from your interior design. By assessing what you need in your home and what is just taking up space, you can change the whole feel of a room. A clutter-free home can also help you feel more relaxed because everything has its place, and it'll take less cleaning or maintenance to make your home feel put together.

If you still have a lot of items after you declutter, consider new storage methods. Storage options are no longer bulky, standard design pieces of furniture. Beautiful and innovative storage options can help you better organize your space while also acting as a design element. With custom shelving and media units, shelving room dividers, and corner closets, you can better organize your home and maximize your space.

Upgrade Your Furniture

Your current furniture has served you well over the years, but it may be time to treat yourself to an upgrade. Maybe your style has changed, or you're looking for furniture that fits better in your space. Whatever your reason, this is the sign you should upgrade your furniture to refresh your home for the new year.

Finding new furniture, especially pieces that work with your space, not against it, can change the whole feeling of a room. If your current furniture is too small or too big for your space, the room may feel awkward. Some new furniture even has unique features that allow you to customize how they fit in the space.

Some sofas come in multiple parts, allowing you to choose the layout of the couch. Separate pieces for two smaller sofas, or rearrange them together to create a sectional, chaise or guest bed. If you have a uniquely shaped or sized room, furniture like this allows you to create a whole new space that feels fresh and new.

Even if you're not looking to replace all of your furniture, consider adding a chic accent chair or a colorful bench or ottoman.

Add Plants

Faux or real, it's up to you, but houseplants are a great way to add a pop of color to your home. Real houseplants offer several additional benefits like improving your well-being and other psychological benefits. Especially if you live in an area with colder, dull winter months, the presence of green, colorful plants can boost your mood. Some plants even produce fragrances that will keep your home smelling great.

When you use plants to refresh your home, you gain other design opportunities. Express your personality with the pots or planters you place plants in. Mix and match colors, materials and designs to make your plants even more eye-catching. Overall, no matter how you choose to incorporate elements of nature in your home, you're sure to feel a change in your space.

Update Wall Art

Wall art truly completes any room, and it's one of the best ways to express your personality. The type of wall art you use can completely shift the tone of a space. Finding new wall artwork doesn't have to be expensive, either. How you refresh your home decor is all based on your style and preferences, but we can offer a few suggestions. 

Have some fun and try creating your own artwork by hand or with digital design software. If art isn't your thing, look online for digital prints you can buy and print out yourself to meet your size requirements. From abstract paintings to beautiful photography, there are so many options when it comes to choosing new wall art. 

If you still can't find the perfect art for you, you can commission an artist to get personalized artwork for your space.

Put up Wallpaper

When you hear wallpaper, you may get flashbacks to a grandmother's house, but we're here to tell you wallpaper has made a huge comeback with chic designs and easy application and removal. Use wallpaper for an accent wall or go all out and apply it to the whole room. 

Wallpaper is especially great if you like simplistic furniture options — let your walls do the talking and easily add a wow factor to the space. 

Renter-friendly wallpaper is a great option, even for homeowners, because it allows you to change out your wallpaper when you're looking for a room refresh. Instead of going through the whole painting process every time you want a change, these peel-and-stick wallpapers are easily applied and can be removed without causing damage. 

 rearrange your sppace

Rearrange Your Space

One simple way to refresh your home is by rearranging your current home layout and decor. Sometimes, you don't even need to buy new products — all it takes is some rearranging. Since you look at your home daily, it's easy to get used to how everything looks, and you may not even notice your design or home decor anymore.

Try moving your sofa to the opposite side of the room or switch your bedroom wall art with your living room wall art. By moving even a couple of items around, your room will feel different.

If rearranging your space is something you enjoy, consider investing in a piece like a sofa that can be rearranged in several ways. Owning this versatile and easily customizable furniture lets you quickly and drastically change a room's layout.


refresh your home with resource furniture

Refresh Your Space With Resource Furniture

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