Everything to Know about Micro-Apartments

March 4, 2022 | Expert Advice

Stumped on how to furnish a micro-apartment? We’re happy to share our space-saving furniture hacks and insider apartment intel.

The studios at Carmel Place in Kips Bay, NY are equipped with a variety of space-maximizing furnishings to help them feel and function like an apartment twice the size. The studios at Carmel Place in Kips Bay, NY are equipped with a variety of space-maximizing furnishings to help them feel and function like an apartment twice the size.

It’s the tale as old as time… On a journey to carve out a space for oneself, many young people flock to major places in the US to build their story and create a home. But while finding the perfect space is hectic, the city is equally known for its sitcom-like, completely-unique living spaces that could only be adopted by its inhabitants. In the fast-paced life of a city, having your own treasured space has never been more important.

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect place, you may have come across a micro-apartment. Micro-apartments are gaining popularity in every city for virtually any price point. You may be on the fence about taking the plunge into a micro-apartment space, and sure, it’s a big decision! However, micro-apartments are a great way to hone in on what items are important to you, while surrounding yourself with essentials that make your space more than livable, rather, thrive-able.

But okay, what really is a micro-apartment? It’s essentially a studio designed to fit all the necessities of living into a space typically less than 350 square feet. Think of them as the cousins to an ADU or a friend of the one-bedroom. Millions of people have found their peace of mind in micro-apartments, surrounded by the items they love while living in their ideal neighborhood.



Shifting from a regular space to a micro-apartment is an adjustment, but it doesn’t have to be a downsize, so long as you furnish it efficiently with items that you love. Here are some of our best tips for space-conscious living, and for creating a home in general. Happy apartment hunting!

Built-in Flexibility

Transforming furniture is a godsend for those living in smaller spaces, and we don’t just mean those dusty 90s murphy beds. Sofa wall beds, transforming tables, and streamlined storage solutions effortlessly take your studio from day to night, unfolding new possibilities for your space. Enjoy the comfort of both a queen-sized bed and a top-line sofa; transform your low-lying coffee table into a work surface or dining table; keep belongings out of sight with a sleek built-in closet and cabinetry system.



Get Sustainable 

It’s simple: space-conscious living means a smaller carbon footprint. And while it’s not just on you to save the planet, there comes a certain peace of mind with knowing you’re living smart and consciously. If you’re able to, consider sustainable, rather than fast furniture, and get a piece made for a lifetime. Every piece in the Resource Furniture collection is thoughtfully designed with ethically and sustainably sourced, high-quality materials. Our premium Italian wall beds are constructed with over 90% recycled and reforested wood products; all lacquers, paints and glues are completely water-based; and absolutely no formaldehyde is used in our manufacturing processes. Your new furniture also does not emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which results in better indoor air quality.

Our Recommendations

Furniture for a Micro-Apartment

Cabinetry + Closet Space

One of the biggest hurdles in space-conscious living is lack of storage. Stay organized with expertly-designed, dynamic cabinetry and closets. Custom-configured storage solutions can be measured, designed, and produced with your specific layout and square footage in mind, providing a focused, easy-to-maintain space for you and all of your items.

Penelope Sofa

The Penelope Sofa effortlessly transforms from a bench-seat sofa to a queen bed, complete with a premium memory foam Italian mattress, upholstered headboard, and interior lighting. Featuring a patented soft-open/close, concealed pistons, and a safety locking mechanism, Penelope Sofa transforms in seconds with the simple pull of a lever.




Genie Table

No need to sacrifice a dining area in favor of a coffee table, or vice versa. The Genie Table’s height-adjustable legs easily raise the table from floor-level, great for casual hangouts, wine nights, and charcuterie boards, to a typical dining table height and anywhere in between. At night, the table can quietly tuck underneath the Penelope Sofa, so no adjustment causes clutter or dysfunction.

Home Office

A streamlined cabinet and workstation in one, the Home Office instantly hides unsightly office clutter to keep work out of sight and out of mind. Equipped with motion sensor LED lighting and wire management, this piece transforms from a generous desk to a modular cabinet, designed to pair seamlessly with your wall bed, closets, and cabinetry.

Pocket Chair

The Pocket Chair is an elevated classic, improving the folding chair design in every way, with top-of-the-line, sustainable materials, a sleek appearance, and the utmost comfort considered in its construction. This light, slim-built chair folds to a compact ¾” deep, great for storing in closets or hanging on the wall.

Media Cabinet

Resource’s media cabinets fit seamlessly underneath the TV, ready to hold movies, games, books, and more while providing surface space for personal items destined for display. This extra storage also aesthetically blends well with the rest of the apartment, and visually functions well as a complete package or a blank canvas, depending on your personal taste.