Stuck at Home? Don’t Get Boxed In.

April 1, 2020 | Expert Advice

Social distancing and work-from-home directives have disrupted our daily lives, leaving many of us feeling isolated and anxious. That’s why we at Resource have been reflecting on ways to enjoy being in our own homes while adapting to these changing times.

  • What is home?

    Home is our personal sanctuary. It’s where we can be our most vulnerable, honest and true selves – where we find respite from the stresses and expectations of daily life. It’s the place where our children grow up and make memories that will last them their entire lives. It’s where we explore new hobbies, learn new things, let our hair down, burst out in our ugliest laughs, and indulge in our favorite bad TV shows.

    Put simply, home is where the heart is. That’s why we’ve put together our tips for making your time at home feel like time well spent!

    Here are five tips for the disgruntled, designed to help you stay positive and productive during these uncertain times:

  • 1. Develop a routine:

    Most of us have had our daily routines completely upended. Businesses are having to adjust to a home-based workforce, and workers who are lucky enough to have jobs are learning to telecommute. Parents are dealing with school closures, caring for full households and taking on additional homeschooling burdens, perhaps in addition to working from home. All this is to say our lives have been disrupted in an extreme and sudden fashion.

    To keep order and maintain one’s sanity, it’s important to develop a weekday routine. Whether that means taking a break at the same time each day for a meal, exercise, or to have a play session with the kids, set a schedule and adhere to it as if it were a regular work week. Standardizing the day provides structure, and structure provides stability.

  • 2. Work on a personal project:

    We’ve all wished that there were more hours in a day. Oh, the things we could accomplish if only we had more time! As it happens, an unintended consequence of social distancing has been just that – more time for our personal projects.

    Use this extra time at home to tackle the chores you may have been putting off: the home improvement project, the half-developed side business. Maybe you’ve always wanted to discover a new creative hobby or develop a new skill. Now is the time! Take advantage of online courses (there are many free, open-source resources out there, from MIT’s OpenCourseWare to Khan Academy and even YouTube).

    It’s more important than ever to engage in something fulfilling and purposeful outside of work now that our homes are also likely to be our workplaces.

  • 3. Feng Shui:

    Take extra time to clean, declutter, rearrange and refresh your space — living in cluttered, messy spaces can only ratchet up stress levels. Since you’re going to be spending more time at home, you’ll want your environment to feel soothing, tidy and welcoming. If you need help tackling the clutter, we have compiled our pro-tips for editing out excess.

    Redecorate your space using existing decor you may have around the house, or look online for new pieces that inspire you. Create a vision board on Pinterest to discover new home design solutions, or flip through magazines the old-fashioned way! You’ll thank yourself for taking the extra time to make your home a space that you love being in.

    If you’re working from home, try to dedicate a space exclusively for work — have everything you need for your job organized and at hand. Not only will this help you keep organized, but having a dedicated work area will make it easier to shift between work-mode and relaxation-mode. We’ve put together an entire vision board of work-from-home solutions for you newfound telecommuters.

  • 4. Remember to practice self-care:

    We all know to wash our hands frequently, stay hydrated and get plenty of rest, but wellbeing extends beyond physical health. Try to find space in the chaos for your emotional and mental wellbeing, as well. Whether that means spending time with loved ones or pets to destress, exercising the stress away, indulging a hobby or guilty pleasure, or even just finding a quiet, private spot to unwind – do it!

  • 5. Don’t forget about others:

    Now, more than ever, its important to stay community-oriented. That means staying in touch via video chat with friends and relatives, certainly, but on a larger, societal scale, we can and should continue to be communally productive.

    If there is a cause or non-profit that matters to you, write to them to see how you can contribute. With many fundraising events canceled indefinitely and a severe drop-off in charitable donations, charities – and the people who rely on them – face a crisis unlike any faced before. If you have the means, consider donating spare household essentials to organizations in need. As part of the Give2020 initiative, Resource clients who have made any purchase with us since January 1, 2020 are also eligible to have $100 donated in their name to a charity of their choosing. 

    If there’s an issue you feel passionate about, write your local, state and federal representatives. They are still working around the clock, and its important that we stay engaged with them just as before.

    We may be staying in our homes more often, but we still have the world at our fingertips. Take advantage of the endless communication channels we have at our disposal. You’ll feel better (and more socially connected) for it.

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